November 21, 2012
Brown rice curbs your
cravings for fatty foods
If you fight cravings for fats, here is great news, especially if you’re diabetic. Humans as well as other mammals tend to prefer fatty food. Such foods remain in your stomach longer and stave of hunger. Scientists have discovered that brown rice can curb your craving and consumption of fats.

In a recent study, researchers gave mice a choice of fatty food vs. normal rodent food. The high fat food was 45% fats, 35% carbs, and 20% proteins. The “normal” diet was 10% fats, 70% carbs, and 20% protein. The mice chose the high fat meal every time and became obese.

However, the main carb source in the feed was cornstarch. When the researchers replaced the cornstarch with brown rice, the mice chose the normal food rather than the fatty feed. They cut their weight gain in half!

But here’s where it gets very interesting. If the mice ate white rice instead of brown rice in the feed, it didn’t work.

So the researchers went to work to determine what it might be in the hull of the brown rice. They extracted a compound called gamma oryzanol. When they fed this to the mice, the animals again chose the less fatty feed, confirming it was this substance that was the active molecule.

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The team found that eating fatty food produces stress in the brain’s hypothalamus, the controller of appetite. Eating brown rice, as well as feeding gamma oryzanol, reduced the signs of stress. They also found that brown rice inhibits the absorption of fat in the bowel. Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate not a simple sugar. So the concentration of sugar and neutral fat in blood will decrease, which is great news for diabetics.

This is potentially huge news. I say “potentially” because this was in mice, not humans. But I suspect it will work in a similar way for us. Brown rice has been a human staple for thousands of years. Just look at the ancient rice terraces in China. Yes, brown rice is a carbohydrate. But unlike the typical Western SAD diet, brown rice is a whole food, not processed starch. It has all the co-factors needed for better health. White rice does not. The manufacturers strip it of its vitamin B complex (and gamma oryzanol) containing hull.

There is a real moral to this story. I endorse the Living Foods Diet. Brown rice is cooked, so it’s not “alive” when you eat it. But I don’t say make your diet 100% alive. I say make it 100% processed food free. I don’t eat 100% raw food. I occasionally cook quinoa, brown rice, legumes, yams, etc. Here you clearly see the benefit of a complete food.

That’s the first step to take in remaking your diet. If you are heavy, and have real fat cravings, consider adding brown rice to your table. Or, consider gamma oryzanol supplement available in 60 mg tablets from most health food stores and online. Take one to two per day, preferably on an empty stomach.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Diabetes, 2012 July 23.

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