October 24, 2012
Is the FDA responsible for the meningitis outbreak?
If you have heard about the tragedy of fungal meningitis, you’re probably aware the rise of this disease came from a batch of contaminated steroids from a New England compounding pharmacy. I’ve talked a lot about the great things compounding pharmacies can do in my newsletter. But now, “do-gooder” politicians are already on the bandwagon to pass legislation to impose greater federal oversight on these establishments. As usual, this isn’t the right way to deal with this situation. Let me show you a better way.

First, regarding the sicknesses, fungal meningitis is not easy to treat with conventional chemicals. Sadly, the authorities still ignore oxidation therapies, such as ultraviolet blood irradiation, which stimulate the immune system to fight most any infection. Most of these cases wouldn’t make the news if medicine were willing to use UBI. That’s because the threat would be eliminated before it became a serious problem.

Now to the legal side. I am emphatically opposed to greater regulation. The FDA already had enough on this pharmacy to issue a warning letter as far back as 2006 citing serious violations investigators witnessed at the pharmacy. The agency did not follow up!

Integrative doctors like me are highly dependent on compounding pharmacies for products we can’t otherwise get. For example – bio-identical hormones. Pharma won’t make them, since they’re not patentable for profit, while pregnant mare urine (Premarin) is. I use a lot of preservative- and adrenaline-free local anesthetics. Again, these are hard, if not impossible, to find outside compounding pharmacies.

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Pharma would like to shut down these pharmacies, since the sale of bio-identical hormones and other products eats into Pharma’s profits. Close them down and your only hormones will be synthetic petrochemical or horse urine versions of what nature provides for you.

But let’s look at this on a relative scale. Merck MURDERED over 110,000 Americans by sitting on the damaging evidence of its chemical Vioxx rather than recalling it. I say MURDER for profit, since Merck knew well in advance of the drug recall that Vioxx was destroying the vascular system. I don’t see politicians rushing to close down Pharma, or Merck specifically. I wonder why. Hmmm, could the money trail provide the answer?

Consider that Pharma knows so well that statins damage your biochemistry that they even filed a patent (#4,933,165) for the combination of CoQ10 together with the drug to prevent serious statin complications. But, do they tell doctors and the public about the danger of statins absent the needed CoQ10? No. Are the drugs damaging patients? Yes, and likely with heart compromise. But Merck and its ilk OWN the U.S. government.

So, agencies look the other way at these mass murders, while the government will, at the behest of the drug companies, reign in the competition. Ironically, the overwhelming majority of the competition are upright, ethical, and of higher standards than murderous Pharma.

Please tell your federal representatives NOT to pass more draconian laws regarding your access to compounded medications. Please encourage them instead to enforce existing laws and regulations, which, if the FDA had done so, it would have spared the nation this tragedy.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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