October 10, 2012
Can a vitamin beat
the deadly MRSA?
The terrible abuse of antibiotics has led to the rise of drug-resistant bugs. That’s led to the deaths of thousands of Americans. While the search is on for yet more chemical treatment, we are clearly losing the battle. It takes many years to develop and bring a drug to market, even if it’s highly safe. But germs multiply and can transfer resistance to other organisms in minutes. We clearly need to enhance our own defenses.

I’ve repeatedly addressed oxidation therapy here. But there might be an even easier way. Would you be surprised to learn that a B vitamin that costs pennies might boost your immune system to wipe out the dreaded MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus)?

Cedars Sinai researchers looked at the impact of this B vitamin on MRSA in both rodents and human blood. They found that high doses of vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide stimulate the gene C/EBPe. This gene enhances your white blood cells’ ability to fight staph infections, regardless of antibiotic resistance. In fact, in human blood, the addition of the vitamin increased killing power by a stunning 1,000-fold. Staph germs simply disappeared from human blood in a few hours.

The researchers found that the vitamin did not work at all in the absence of white blood cells, or in mice genetically lacking C/EBPe activity. The latter animals simply couldn’t respond to the vitamin. The researchers concluded that the vitamin appears to activate key pathways in your immune system to kill microbial invaders. Isn’t a turbo-charged immune system (toward invaders) what all of us want?

In this case, the researchers were studying a known genetic problem dealing with immunity. Niacinamide triggers expression of the gene (turns it on). Serendipitously, the researchers found that they could get the gene to over express with clinically achievable levels of the nutrient. And that made the immune cells go into a “feeding frenzy,” wiping out the foreign organisms. They became like sharks devouring a school of sardines.

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I just love reports like this, where science uncovers the means to unlock the healing power of the human body. What is notable here is that investigators used concentrations of niacinamide that you can take easily – 6 grams per day. And they didn’t see any side effects.

Too bad it’s taken so long to investigate this. A 1977 report suggested that niacinamide would enhance survival to staph infections in patients given an antibiotic. This study confirms niacinamide is a powerful staph fighter. If you or a loved one has any staph infection, make sure you’re taking plenty (6 grams/day) of niacinamide. You can find it at any health food store and online.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: J. Clin Invst. 91-2; Radiother Oncol. 1998 Aug;48(2):123-33; Am J Clin Nutr. 1977 Aug;30(8):1364-8.

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