September 26, 2012
Does this conventional cancer
treatment cause cancer?
I sincerely hope you never develop a life-threatening cancer. But if you do, there’s one thing you need to be aware of – your oncologist. It’s quite possible one of the treatments he recommends for you could actually CAUSE cancer.

That’s right! New evidence suggests that chemotherapy is a major carcinogen.

Researchers just made a “completely unexpected” finding. They wondered why cancer cells were so easy to kill in the lab, but hard to kill in the body. Well, consider that you want to take out a terrorist. If he were just standing alone in the street (like a cancer cell in a lab dish), it’d be pretty easy. But suppose he was mixed in with lots of normal people. Seems they might buffer whatever action you plan to take, no?

Well, that’s exactly what happened. Scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemo secrete a protein called WNT16B. The neighboring tumor cells take up this protein and it protects the tumor cells from destruction. But it gets even worse. Not only does it protect the tumor cells, but it stimulates them to become more aggressive, invade and resist subsequent therapy.

This really shouldn’t be a “completely unexpected” finding. Oncologists have seen this time and time again in their practice. But few of them actually pay attention to what they see clinically. Sure, poisons beat up the cancer at first. But the disease comes roaring back VERY frequently. Only 1 in 50 stage-4 cancer patients who received chemo are alive after five years. Yet the drum beat to push chemo goes on.

If you have cancer, please consider options other than poisoning, burning and cutting, which allow Pharma to lighten your wallet in exchange for a more grisly death. There are exception to this, such as blood, lymph and testicular cancers. Conventional therapy can help these. But if you have any other type of cancer, use alternatives, such as oxygen therapies. You can read more about how I treat cancer on my website.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

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Ref: Nature Medicine, August 2012

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