September 19, 2012
Can you pass this quiz on aspirin?
Most doctors can't
Which of these statements is true: (1) Aspirin thins your blood. (2) Aspirin prevents death from heart attack. (3) Aspirin prevents stroke. (4) Aspirin helps you live longer. (5) Aspirin prevents heart disease. (6) All of the above?

Most conventional doctors would pick the last one “All of the above.” And they would be wrong.

The truth is there’s only one thing aspirin does from this list. It thins your blood. While doctors believe the others to be true, a new study says they’re not.

Researchers recently conducted a large meta-analysis of aspirin. What they found is shocking. (Well, it’s shocking for conventional doctors. We in alternative medicine have known this for a while.)

The researchers found that aspirin decreased the risk for cardiovascular events and nonfatal myocardial infarction (heart attacks) in the large population they examined. If you stop there, it sounds great. But the researchers added this: “But there were no significant differences in the incidences of stroke, cardiovascular mortality, all-cause mortality, and total coronary heart disease.”

If you are on aspirin, I suggest that you read that again. Aspirin decreases the risk for total cardiovascular events. But, it didn’t make any difference in the risk of stroke, cardiovascular mortality, all-cause deaths, and total coronary disease.

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In other words, aspirin thins your blood and keeps your risk of having a heart attack lower. But it doesn’t matter because it won’t help you live longer and it won’t help you survive a heart attack, if you do suffer one.

So here’s the question for conventional doctors. Why are you continuing to use a chemical that does not change the death rate and all-cause mortality? Aspirin carries significant risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and allergy.

I have never liked aspirin for treating or preventing cardiovascular disease. I’ve found that parent essential oils, like Advanced EFA Formula, do almost everything aspirin does without the risk. PEOs provide the raw materials your body needs to reduce inflammation naturally instead of trying to force the reduction with aspirin.

If you’re concerned about atrial fibrillation, please see my website for how I’ve treated it for years with supplements. This is a very specific cocktail I’ve used on about 300 cases now (including my 93-year-old father). I’ve followed some for as long as 15 years. I don’t know of one stroke or one bleeding incident on my cocktail.

You don’t need aspirin to prevent heart attacks. You can do it safely and more effectively with supplements.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Am J Cardiol. 2011 Jun 15;107(12):1796-801.

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