August 17, 2012
Are conventional cancer
treatments based on bad science?
Years ago, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, MD found that a key cause of cancer is low oxygen. People either don’t get enough oxygen or their body doesn’t effectively utilize the oxygen they do get. But modern medicine doesn’t buy this explanation for cancer. They insist that gene mutations are the cause. Now a new study confirms what Warburg discovered and completely changes how you should prevent and treat cancer.

This study, from the University of Georgia, has sent spears into modern theories that genetic mutations are the cause. The researchers’ findings, based on RNA in cells, suggest that low oxygen is actually the main driver. In fact, the less oxygen there is, the more uncontrollable the cancer grows.

How might this occur? As oxygen levels drop, tumor cells become starved for energy, so they become more anaerobic. This ferments glucose, rather than burning it like it would normally. The cells then make proteins to grow new blood vessels to get in a blood supply and oxygen. They grow. As they grow, they outstrip their fragile blood supply regenerating the low oxygen cycle blood vessel growth cycle. It’s a vicious cycle.

Many integrative physicians are working on ways to increase tumor oxygenation on the belief that the tumors will behave better. Cancer cells do have mitochondria (energy furnaces), which are highly efficient oxygen-burning energy producers compared to fermentation. Problem is, they aren’t working well. Studies have shown that if you can switch the mitochondria on or made more efficient, they help make proteins that trigger cell suicide. That’s how one drug, DCA, works.

My wife and I study oxidation therapies extensively. These therapies increase tissue oxygenation, which can slow tumor growth. Ozone guru Velio Bocci, MD of Italy has suggested the use of ozone therapy to increase tumor oxygenation. We’re aware of some promising results. I reported about three of these cases in the latest issue of Second Opinion. One of them with metastatic melanoma is in complete remission. One with metastatic colon cancer with massive tumors to his liver has seen his liver tumors disappear. He went on to have the primary colon tumor removed and a year after surgery he is still cancer free. A third with lung cancer has had no growth of his cancer. Of course, not all respond so favorably.

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Any positive results here are exciting since oxidation therapy is essentially completely non-toxic. Author Ying Xu stressed the importance of testing the new model through future experimental cancer research. “If the model holds, researchers will need to search for methods to prevent hypoxia in cells in the first place, which could result in a sea change in cancer treatment.” Xu explained that this new cancer-growth model could help explain why many cancers become drug resistant so quickly, often within three to six months.

The best answer to cancer is to prevent it. Eat right. Detox. And exercise. All these will help prevent a climate of low oxygen, which would predispose to cancer. You can also visit a doctor who performs oxidation therapies for additional protection and to treat illness. You can find these doctors at

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: ScienceDaily, May 3, 2012.

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