August 22, 2012
Don't be scared of cancer
Are you scared of cancer? Most people are. When they see a loved one suffer through the disease and the conventional treatment, they don’t want anything to do with it. But I’d like to put your mind at ease – you shouldn’t be scared of cancer.

Why not? Because science is slowly coming to a new paradigm about the dread disease. Cancer can – and often does – vanish on its own!

The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association reported that screening for cancer finds both tumors destined to be lethal (if untreated) and many small tumors that would never be a problem if you never discovered them. These were destined to stop growing, shrink, or in some cases of breast cancer, disappear altogether.

Dr. Barnett Kramer is an associate director for disease prevention at the National Institutes for Health. He explains: “The old view is that cancer is a linear process. A cell acquires a mutation, and little by little, it acquired more mutations. Mutations are not supposed to revert spontaneously.” Dr. Kramer adds that it’s now clear that cancer needs the cooperation of “the whole organism, the person” whose immune system or hormone levels, for example, can squelch or fuel a tumor. Kramer says that cancer is a dynamic process.

Consider dread prostate cancer. Most men opt for draconian measures. But some choose otherwise. Johns Hopkins researchers found about 450 men in the past several years who chose active surveillance. By contrast, 1,000 a year have their prostates removed at John Hopkins. From following those men who chose not to receive treatment, the investigators discovered that only about 20-30% of those small tumors progressed. And many that did progress still did not look particularly dangerous. However, once the cancers started to grow, the men had their prostates removed.

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A 2011 first of its kind prospective study on kidney cancer found that the growth and spread of the cancer is low and metastases are rare. The same team, in 2000, reported that placebo for widespread kidney cancer resulted in a 6% rate of response (stable cancer or shrinkage). Compare that to the same 6% response in those getting the active therapy. And you know who suffered the most side effects!

This is sea change in medical attitudes! I’m thrilled that the medical mob is gradually seeing that cancer is not a one-way street to death from a mutation. Why not? There doesn’t have to be even one mutation (DNA damage) in a cancer cell. What does happen is that DNA segments (genes) are abnormally turned off or on, permitting cells to go haywire. Your nutritional status, toxins, and mindset control the gene switches. I have fully documented reports of scores of cases of advanced cancer remitting “spontaneously.”

This is not to suggest that you do nothing if you have a growing tumor. By all means, please get help. But, I would never go looking for cancer, since the conventional treatments, in my opinion, are likely to have worse consequences than not checking at all. I might get mutilated over an innocent cancer in the natural course of appearing and disappearing. I might be wrong, but I personally believe that most conventional successes occur in cancers that are destined NOT to kill the host.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref:Eur Urol. 2011 Jul;60(1):39-44. Epub 2011 Apr 1.

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