August 1, 2012
Cancer and detox mineral also
improves brain function

I’ve been using large amounts of selenium to treat my patients for 25 years. I use it for both heavy metal detox and cancer prevention. It’s one of the most valuable minerals I’ve seen for these treatments. But now I have evidence that it’s extremely valuable for your brain as you grow older.

A study on 1,024 participants aged 65 or older looked at selenium levels and cognitive function. They found an inverse relationship between plasma selenium levels and the participants’ performance on time-based tests (assessing motor speed and coordination). In other words, the less selenium you have in your blood, the longer it takes to perform the tests. The more selenium you have, the faster your brain functions.

The obvious conclusion is to take more selenium for better coordination and motor speed. Most high potency supplements (like Healthy Resolve) contain about 200 mcg of selenium. I designed Advanced Detox Formula to deliver 200 mcg of selenium as well. This is especially effective at targeting heavy metals, which can hinder brain function.

I’m often asked if I have concern about someone using both, which delivers 400 mcg daily. Well, after 25 years of continuous observation, I’ve not seen any sign of selenium overdose at those levels. Aside from your brain, selenium also offers strong protection for your thyroid (including in thyroiditis) and liver.

A popular form of selenium is selenomethionine. However, in my clinical experience, sodium selenite is far better. This is the form used in Advanced Detox Formula. I’m probably the only one you read who suggests this form. That’s because it’s the original form of selenium I used with great success for years. I know it works.

But even more, I’ve recently done an exhaustive review of selenium literature, especially as related to cancer. The inorganic form of selenium, shunned by many, is the only form that your body can shuttle into a multitude of both organic and inorganic pathways it needs. Your body can convert it into organic selenium as needed. The organic form cannot go backward. They are already committed, omitting one key benefit of the inorganic selenite.

My interest in selenite has grown considerably. Incredible emerging research suggests that it can act as a powerful oxidant within cancer cells. Selenite can deplete cancer cells of glutathione, which they absolutely need to keep their abnormal redox (oxidation/reduction) balance. I’ve reported how selenium can protect against prostate cancer. Now we know it also protects against cognitive decline. You can find selenium in Healthy Resolve and Advanced Detox Formula. I think everyone should be taking supplemental selenite in today’s toxic world.

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Ref: Mov Disord, 2010; 25(12): 1909-15.

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