July 25, 2012

New device treats depression
without side effects

Most doctors who treat those suffering from clinical depression typically use dangerous drugs that can make you far worse. I’ve given various ways to treat depression in my newsletter. Normally, these feature a combination of diet, exercise, and particular supplements. But now there’s a new therapy that’s making waves. A device called NeuroStar uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) beamed through the skull. PEMF is a hot item in treating a variety of problems from pain to depression. And it works!

Research has shown that NeuroStar PEMF treatments not only reduce the suffering of depression patients but lessens their disability. They can return to productivity more quickly both at home and work. The treatment stimulated microcurrents within treated tissues, whether brain cells or muscle and bone. The current stimulates healing and a return to normal functioning. There’s no known toxicity.

In another study, a team at the University of California found that 58% of treated patients improved, with 37% going into complete remission.

My wife and I have a PEMF device in our office. We use it for musculoskeletal problems. (I don’t see much depression.) It is fantastic.

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I’ll be reporting more on PEMF in the future. In the meantime, to find a clinic with the NeuroStar, please visit http://neurostar.com/all-tmstherapy-doctor. You don’t need to take drugs to poison pathways in your brain on a potentially dangerous crapshoot.

I’ll also tell you about other treatments you can use, such as oxidation therapies. Strangely enough, a Jungian psychologist with depression serendipitously reported to me that after a single ozone treatment (given for other reasons) his significant depression lifted. Please remember that ozone, an oxidation therapy, stimulates oxygen delivery and energy production within cells. This might have a similar effect as the free electrical energy delivered by PEMF.

Source: NaturalNews, May 15, 2012.

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