July 20, 2012

Don’t let them ban soft drinks

As you may know, I’m a huge critic of soft drinks. They are death in a can, as far as I’m concerned. So it may shock you to find out that I’m opposed to New York City’s proposed ban on oversized sodas. This is one of the very rare times I am on the side of corporate interests. Here’s why.

My main concern here is the individual rights lost thanks to governmental interference in our personal decisions.

The proposal is to prohibit the sale of “supersized” sodas (over 16 ounces) from fast food restaurants. Of course, this is in the name of encouraging “healthy behavior.” They want to fight the obesity epidemic.

All of this sounds good. After all, I’m in total agreement that sodas are metabolic poisons. I totally agree that they destroy your health in many ways if you drink them. They destroy your immune system, they cause diabetes, and they damage your circulation.

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But, where do you draw the line on government in the so-called name of health? In the name of “health,” government (including New York City) forcibly poisons you with fluoride. It forcibly vaccinates children, inflicting horrible immune-system damage. It forcibly mandates what treatments you are allowed to have for the diseases you are allowed to have (Medicare). It allows ranches to feed cows antibiotics and hormones to fatten them up, placing you at terrible risk of untreatable infections and cancer. Why is that not condemned, as soft drinks are now?

In the name of health, the FDA sends SWAT teams to obliterate non-toxic nutritional competition to chemical drugs. In the name of “health,” medical boards obliterate the livelihoods of integrative doctors, thereby destroying hope and the healing care their patients need to regain wellness.

In this country, there is (was) such a concept of equal protection under the law, a person’s right to choose, a person’s responsibility to take care of himself. There is also a corresponding duty to be responsible for your own actions. But the latter duty has been usurped by the government. It’s now responsible for the irresponsible, which is to the detriment of everyone who is responsible for themselves.

We have learned, in America, that if you give the government an inch, they take a mile. Ban sodas and what’s next? Fries? Burgers? What about chips? Ding-dongs? Nitrite-loaded meats? Yes, all these are toxic. But, government’s role, if ANY, is to educate. Not wipe out. If you want to eat this junk, fine. And if you want to take vitamins, that should be fine as well. If you want ozone or oxidation therapy, that also should be perfectly fine. And if you don’t want your kids shot up with toxic preservatives and immune poisons (vaccines) that should be fine as well.

All these freedoms are intertwined and linked. Hit one and you begin hitting them all, in the name of what government thinks is “healthy.” I have a better idea. Everyone should be held responsible AND accountable for their bad health choices. They should have no alternative but to be responsible or suffer the consequences. Within a few years, we would see sales of not only oversized sodas, but “undersized” sodas as well fall. We would also see other terrible foods suffer at the hands of a more discerning public. And if not, the rest of us don’t have to pay for those indiscretions.

In the case of New York, the city wants to ban huge sodas for “health reasons,” but its state medical board continues to oppress alternatives to chemical treatment. I have physician friends who are scared to death to offer some therapies that I offer. The government would come down on them – for health reasons.

Government has NO business in limiting your choices either in what you ingest, or what you select for medical treatment. Here, I join the calls of Coke and McDonald’s. The issue is one of freedom and individual rights, not health.

Please tell government to back off your freedom of choice in foods (including junk food), nutritional supplements, alternative therapies, and your freedom to know the source of what you are ingesting (GMO Frankenfood). Tell them with letters, phone calls, and how you vote in November.

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