July 13, 2012

FDA Warning: These osteoporosis drugs don’t work

If you take drugs for your osteoporosis, the FDA has a strong warning for you: They don’t work.

How can that be? After all, didn’t the same FDA approve the drugs in the first place because the studies said they do work?

It’s true that the FDA bases its decisions on studies. But these studies simply measure the impact of a synthetic petrochemical on symptoms. The studies conducted by drug companies and accepted by the FDA do not look at the real effects of suppressing the symptoms. And they don’t look at problems the drug causes when you take the chemical over time.

This is the problem with the very popular bisphosphonate osteoporosis drugs. The original studies evaluated the drugs for their effect on hardening bones. Well, fact is, they do make bones more dense. But, how does that translate into effectiveness in preventing fractures over the long haul?

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See, once the FDA approves a drug, doctors go willy-nilly in bathing you with the chemical indefinitely. That’s what they’ve done with these popular osteoporosis drugs, which include Fosamax, Actonel, and Reclast. Now, five years later, after countless millions of people have taken these drugs for years, the agency now is warning doctors and patients that the drugs don’t seem to work. Worse, they may predispose you to more fractures. And much worse, they can have devastating effects, such as destroying your jawbone.

This is one of the extremely rare studies the FDA has conducted that zeroed in on the long-term clinical effects (safety and effectiveness) of a drug class, not just its power to alter a lab result like bone mineral density. The results are forcing the FDA to alter the recommendations of this class of drugs for users, especially long-term users.

I’ve been warning about bisphosphonates for years. Do you remember the beguiling appeal of actress Sally Fields begging female listeners to go to their doctors to swallow Boniva? How clever of Pharma to get a congenial but utterly ignorant actress to promote their toxic compound. I’ve begged readers for even more years to avoid this horrible group of drugs. They “work” by poisoning your osteoclasts, cells that remodel and remove old useless bone. Hence, your bones become harder, yes, but more brittle. That’s what’s led to much of the awful toxicity of these drugs. Your jaw is at risk of permanent necrosis (death) of bone because the drugs poisoned the cells that remove old useless bone.

Think of it this way. If you get dry rot or mold eating away at the wooden studs of your house, do you want to leave those “cancerous” beams in your home and plaster over them? Or would you rather carve them out and replace them with new studs and walls. The drugs do the former. Properly functioning bone cells do the latter. If I came in, promising you a fix, and just plastered over the mold, leaving your house to rot out, you would call me a liar and a fraud. Now you know why I call the FDA the “Fraud and Deception Agency.”

Please stop taking these drugs immediately. Instead, take a powerful bone supplement, such as Ultimate Bone Support from Advanced Bionutritionals. They can help rebuild your bones without any toxicity or side effects.

Ref: NEJM May 9, 2012.

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