July 11, 2012

Four ways to protect
yourself against Obamacare

Your battle to have alternative health care just got a lot harder to fight. As you may know, conventional medicine consists of cut (surgery), burn (radiation), poison (chemo, antibiotics, etc.), or maintain (treating symptoms with drugs). What if the government had the power to tax you because you didn’t use one of these “accepted” treatments?

Well, the government now has that power. The Supreme Court’s decision on June 26, 2012 to uphold the new Obamacare law gives the government the ability to tax your personal choices. When Chief Justice John Roberts said the law is constitutional as a tax, he opened the door for the government to tax every personal choice you make. Even if the Court rules down the road that it’s limited to health care (which it won’t), the government can now tax you for doing things it doesn’t like.

Let’s say you have cancer. Your oncologist tells you to have surgery and then use chemo or radiation. Instead, you opt to use the cancer treatments I’ve told you about because your chances of survival are much greater — and your quality of life will be much greater as well. Your oncologist reports your decision to the government, and the IRS sends you a tax bill for $3,000.

It sounds farfetched. But thanks to the Supreme Court, the government now has this ability.

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For years, you’ve been able to deduct charitable contributions from your income tax. Those contributions are a personal choice, of course. You are not compelled to donate anything.

Well, from the logic that you have a choice to donate and deduct or not donate and not deduct, the particular choice you make can lead to a taxable or nontaxable event. But now, the Supreme Court has “logically” determined that, similarly, your choice NOT to avail yourself of medical insurance is a taxable or non-taxable event. In other words, it sustained the most contentious government power grab of our time.

The Court has sustained Congress’s power to tax you on a personal choice. Friend, this is eerily frightening. You know it won’t stop at taxing you for insurance. The government never willingly controls itself. It’s just like a cancer. As long as the host controls it, it won’t do any damage. But once the controls are gone, it will spread until it completely destroys its host.

Government now has unlimited power to tax and destroy anything it sees as bad, unhealthy, or threatening. For years, we’ve fought to legalize raw milk. Not only will it remain illegal, but they can now tax anyone who drinks it. Cities that choose not to fluoridate their water may now have to pay a tax for doing so. Don’t want to take an antibiotic for your sinusitis? Pay a tax.

And, of course, alternative medicine is an easy target for taxing. Sure, you can take those vitamins. But you’ll have to pay a hefty tax to do so. Want to see a doctor for Prolozone to cure your ailing knee? No problem, that’ll be a $1,000 tax. The government’s battle against alternative medicine just got a lot easier to fight. And your battle to stay healthy just became a lot harder.

But you can still do it. Remember, we know from actual experience that the death rate collapses when doctors go on strike. Why? Modern medicine treatments are just plain out and out toxic! That should tell you the first rule of the new Obamacare era is this: Stay away from your doctor.

Second, your diet is your best defense against the state. It’s going to be hard to tax your personal garden. They may find a way to do it. But growing and eating healthful food is the best way to avoid your doctor and stay healthy. My diet recommendations just became one of your best weapons against the government takeover.

Third, since you will have to own an insurance policy, make sure it is a catastrophic care policy. Western medicine is unparalleled at saving lives from acute conditions and accidents, which can strike no matter how well you take care of yourself. Make no mistake about it, at some point government might alter its definition of what constitutes satisfactory insurance to avoid the tax. It might exclude any policy that promotes alternatives to chemical medicine. After all, it now clearly has the right to tax a choice you make that goes against the whim of the government machine.

The fourth is vitally important. The American system of government is based on all power arising within the People who delegate certain inherent powers to their government. In California, for example, our constitution declares that all political power is inherent in the people. Consider this: Neither I nor any other human has the right to compel you to get insurance, so how can others delegate that power to government? We can’t. So, our rulers have just assumed that power.

There’s but one answer to the political mess, and here I do agree with Justice Roberts, who gave us this decision: Throw out all those self-serving “rulers” who are subjecting you into servitude to corporate interests and those not taking personal/individual responsibility. Replace them with statesmen who will read the Constitution and see that the Founders did not provide for the central government to manage your daily life or meddle in your medical care and medical choices.  The Founders created a government to protect your rights to protect and be responsible for yourself!

Now that your rulers have discovered that they can tax you for a personal choice, I don’t want to see the American people awaken to taxed choices that further government’s wayward agendas. The people need to speak. You need to speak this November!

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