June 20, 2012

Warning: Don’t treat sinus
infections with antibiotics

Orthodox medicine insists antibiotics are the only effective way to treat sinus infections. But a new study says this isn’t true. In fact, it says antibiotics are completely ineffective.

In this study, researchers conducted a randomized, controlled trial of 166 adults with acute rhinosinusitis. They treated them at 10 community practices in Missouri.

They gave the patients either a 10-day course of amoxicillin (1,500 mg/day) or a placebo at three doses per day. A SNOT Test (yes, that’s what they call it – just love that acronym), standing for Sinonasal Outcome Test, assessed their progress during their treatment. The researchers allowed the patients to take other over-the-counter drugs to suppress their symptoms.

The results showed no appreciable difference at days 3 and 10. The participants had no difference in days of work lost, recurrence, or routine aspects of life.

Doctors almost always prescribe antibiotics for sinusitis. This has been a sacred cow for decades. But this is just another example of a common practice they give to millions of people without justification. Yet if I do something not proven in the medical literature, I’m labeled a quack!

Believe me I’m not in favor of seeing you suffer with sinusitis. Medical reviewers of this research were quick to blame viral causes of sinusitis as the real reason antibiotics don’t work. Yes, many doctors pump you full of antibiotics for viral diseases, which don’t respond. That’s always been irresponsible medicine, but quite common.

But sinusitis can also have a fungal cause. And, you can treat both viruses and fungi with “outside the box” treatments. You can add hydrogen peroxide to a nebulizer (0.06%) or a vaporizer. Add one ounce of 35% food-grade H2O2 per gallon of purified water. This works for both viral and fungal sinusitis.

I’ve also seen sinusitis resolve almost instantly with neural therapy. That involves superficial injections of a local anesthetic into acupuncture points. Oxidation therapy ratchets up your immune system to cleanly dispose of most any infection.

Supplements that might help include:

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This report is just further evidence that what routinely goes on in most medical offices is the real unproven “quackery.”

Ref: Fiore, Kristina. “Antibiotics No Help for Sinusitis,” MedPage Today, February 14, 2012.

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