June 6, 2012

Powerful cream prevents
and reverses skin aging

Most of us get some skin aging on our nose and other parts of our face, back of hands, arms, and shoulders as we age. While sun is good for us, overexposure does tend to break down collagen and encourage development of these skin changes. But sometimes the changes can cause enlarged, unsightly blood vessels on your face (and elsewhere). And these are tough to treat. But now there’s hope.

These large blood vessels are telangiectasia. They are actually dilated capillaries that often appear on your nose and face, and can occur anywhere on your skin. In a small study, researchers wanted to see if a cream containing a green tea extract (EGCG 2.5% by weight) would help.

The researchers randomized four patients in a double-blind controlled study. They had significant redness and telangiectasia on their faces. The researchers gave them the green tea cream to apply to one side of the face and a control cream absent the green tea extract to apply to the other side. They applied the creams twice daily for six weeks.

The results were very encouraging. On actual biopsies, they had reduced expression of chemicals (HIF-1 and VEGF) related to telangiectasia formation. The authors concluded that green tea creams might serve as a preventive agent of these abnormal blood vessels.

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Having read the literature on the effects of green tea and EGCG, I jumped the gun months ago and asked the folks at Advanced Bionutritionals to develop a green tea cream for prevention purposes. This report makes me real happy I did. I’m using green tea extract myself for prevention purposes. I had some nose peeling sunburns when I was a kid and still take a good wallop of sun on my high altitude treks. It’s important we spend time in the sun. But we also have to take care of our skin. And Advanced Green Tea Cream can help you do just that.

Ref: Int J Clin Exp Pathol, 2010; 3(7): 705-9.

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