May 30, 2012

How to kill flesh-eating
 bacteria fast

You may have heard about the recent tragedy of Aimee Copeland. This beautiful Georgia graduate student recently went on a zip line adventure. During the activity, the zip line broke and she fell in the water below the line. During the fall, the line cut her leg. It was a minor injury. But, she became infected with flesh-eating bacteria. Doctors treated her with antibiotics, which failed. Now, the bacteria have claimed both hands, both feet, and one leg. What’s incredible is that she didn’t have to lose any of her limbs. Let me tell you why.

After the antibiotics failed, the doctors were afraid the bacteria were going to take her life. So they finally wised up and belatedly turned to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). Now, she is making a slow recovery. Any doctor who understands this infection should have instantly applied hyperbaric oxygen. Why? These bacteria destroy tissue; hence blood supply and oxygen delivery. With no oxygen, there’s no immune system to fight the infection! It effectively shuts out the immune system, allowing it to take over your entire body and eventually take your life.

Aimee’s story really saddens my heart. I think it’s maximum gross negligence NOT to give either hyperbaric oxygen, oxidation, or both to save a life threatened by infection. We know that when faced with infection, your immune cells require up to 100-times more oxygen to respond than when things are normal. Yet infection creates inflammation and tissue death which reduces oxygen delivery. Oxygen therapies can renew the oxygen delivery and kill the infection in almost every single case! Aimee didn’t have to lose any of her limbs.

But here’s the problem: The FDA has approved HBO only for limited conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning and osteomyelitis. Well, if it can help osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection, where oxygen tensions are low, it makes sense to use it in most any serious infection, since all of them will reduce oxygen availability and raise oxygen demands. More oxygen will help all infections. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to figure that one out. You just need to not fear for your livelihood (regulatory agencies) or bank account (malpractice). (Even cancers are less aggressive when there is more oxygen).

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As for other oxidation therapies, such as “ozone” and “ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy,” reports on these therapies are plentiful in the current worldwide literature. Just go to and type in the words. You’ll be shocked at what you find.

And I can tell you this: They work! I recently treated a woman with MRSA, the deadly infection that is often antibiotic resistant. I gave her one treatment and it almost completely healed her in one session. Another woman I treated had a rapidly progressing cellulitis after a tick bite. One single ozone treatment totally healed her in only a few hours. Imagine what we’d see in hospitals if they would only use these treatments.

You don’t have to suffer from infection. Make sure you have access to a doctor who uses oxidation therapy. You can find a list of doctors at If you come down with an infection, go straight to your doctor’s office, not the hospital. Like Aimee, your life may depend on it.

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