May 25, 2012

The pill that makes
cancer more dangerous

As you may know, I’ve warned my patients and readers to stay away from cancer drugs (except in certain cases). In addition to the harm they cause, they don’t cure cancer. They may shrink the tumor, killing the cancer cells. But they don’t fix what caused the cancer in the first place. So the tumor usually comes roaring back.

Now there’s evidence that shrinking the tumor with drugs might cost you your life. But before I tell you about this study, let me tell you about one of my patients. This patient had advanced kidney disease. I gave him natural therapies and he felt much better. However, they didn’t stop his tumor from growing. So his oncologist convinced him to take Sunitinib, also known as Sutent.

When Sutent didn’t work, the oncologist blamed my therapies. So the man took a holiday from my treatments for a month just to give the Sutent a chance. He promised to return if Sutent didn’t work. Well, it did shrink his tumor. However, he went downhill so fast that he was unable to return to me.

What happened? Well, this new study tells us what happened. This line of drugs can shrink tumors. But in the process, they also damage a particular cell called a pericyte. These cells cover blood vessels and act as gatekeepers against the spread of the tumor cells. When damaged in the chemical attempt to knock out tumor blood supply, the tumor vessels become even more hypoxic (less oxygen), and allow the cancer cells to leak into the circulation. Knocking out pericytes shrank tumors in mice by 30% in 25 days. Sounds great! But it wasn’t. It actually increased the spread of the cancer by three-fold. But that’s not all. The drug also made cancer cells more like stem cells and better able to survive.

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The entire cancer industry is a sham, literally. It’s a complete fraud. It’s a fraud that has the medical world, the government, insurance companies, and unsuspecting people at its behest. But the FDA allows Pharma to measure the effectiveness of a drug by tumor shrinkage. This study shows how awfully stupid that is! It shows that the drugs will shrink tumors in the short run, but become far more aggressive and deadly in return. While the researchers did this first experiment in mice, they confirmed the same action in human breast tumors. The less pericytes you have, the more deeply invasive the cancers become. And the five to ten year survival rates are less than 20%.

I am convinced that most cancer patients who do well with conventional therapy were destined to do well regardless. We know that 20% of all cancers spontaneously disappear. So if you sometimes hear of a woman or man who had her breast or prostate carved out 20 years ago, does that mean you should rush to the knife or chemicals? No. In my book, they are in that 20% no-matter-what-you-do remission rate. I think we’d even see better remission rates if we eliminated toxic therapies altogether (certain cancer-types excepted). I know of few oncologists who would drink their own poisons.

One final note: This is even more proof that oxygen is king. When you starve cancer cells of oxygen, they’ll respond with even more aggressiveness. I’ve participated in two cases recently where oxygen/oxidation-based therapies have helped achieve remission or near remission of stage-4 cancers (colon cancer and melanoma). No, not everyone has been helped. But these kind, gentle therapies won’t do anything worse than make you feel better, even if it doesn’t tame the cancer.

If you have cancer, don’t feel like you have to submit to the cut, burn, and poison treatments your oncologist offers. There are other options.

Ref: Cancer Cell 1-17-12

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