May 16, 2012

Why grieving is now a disease

The American Psychiatric Association plans to create a disease out of every human emotion. The next disease created “by consensus” will be grief. The organization is proposing to classify it in its new DSM-5 manual, which is due out next year. Why would they want to classify all the emotions as a disease? As they say, follow the money. If it’s a disease, they can find a drug for it. In this case, it would be antidepressants.

Amazingly, The Lancet, a highly respected medical journal has come out in opposition to the reclassification of this basic human emotion. Seems there is a dispute as to how long “normal” grief should last when a loved one dies (a perfectly natural occurrence).

I can’t help but laugh at the horrific and moronic classification of normal behavior and emotion as disease. Grief is a near universal emotion among social animals. Birds grieve over the loss of a mate. People have seen elephants handling the remains of other deceased elephants. A dog will grieve over loss of his master. Golly gee. Let’s petrochemicalize the animal world for this newly discovered/voted “disease” state. The shrinks have to create some legitimacy for their otherwise worthless and “nutty” chemical-pushing profession.

I have a better idea. Support yourself with good nutrition, exercise, and a positive social network. Seek a spiritual approach to dealing with grief. But you can use some alternative treatments to help you cope with the grief.

An outstanding and readily available homeopathic remedy for grief is ignacia. It carries no risk and you can buy it at many health food stores.

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If you need neurotransmitter support, instead of Pharma chemicals, consider the amino acids tryptophan, phenylalanine, and tyrosine. These are nutritional precursor molecules. They are mood-stabilizing chemicals in your brain. You should rarely, if ever, consider a petrochemical for grief, one of the most basic of human emotions. And when thought of properly, grief is very healing. Obviously, the APA isn’t thinking properly.

On Friday, I’ll show you another “disease” emotion they have drugs for. Of course, there are better ways to treat this emotion as well.

Ref: ABC News 2-16-12.

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