May 11, 2012

Can a pill actually help you live longer?
New study gives surprising answer...

You may have heard that the best way to live a long, healthy life is to eat less. Scientists showed years ago that a calorie restriction truly is the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, few people in our society want to cut their calories by 30% to see these results. But what if we could put calorie restriction — or at least the positive effects of calorie restriction — in a pill? Would you be interested? Well, we may have already done it.

New research suggests not only that it’s possible, but that if you are taking resveratrol, you are already offsetting eating too many calories.

In this study, researchers evaluated 11 obese, but otherwise healthy men. They gave the men a placebo for 30 days and resveratrol for another 30 days in random order. It was double-blinded so that neither the researchers nor participants knew who was taking what. The objective was to determine if resveratrol would mimic the effects of calorie restriction in humans based on animal experiments.

This isn’t the first study looking at nutrients and longevity. Studies on many popular vitamins have been disappointing in life span analyses. But resveratrol works differently than the usual antioxidants. It modifies gene expression. In particular, it modulates the gene complex SIRT1. This complex influences a wide variety of metabolic processes. And what did resveratrol do here?

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Amazingly, it mimicked most of the effects of calorie restriction. It improved energy metabolism in muscles, improved insulin sensitivity, lowered blood pressure, and seemed to enhance fitness. There were no negative effects.

Now if Pharma had developed a synthetic petrochemical to accomplish this, it would be instantly hailed as a wonder drug. Well, I think that God-made resveratrol is a wonder.

I don’t restrict my calories. However, you do know the types of food/calories I eat. So I’m not a fan of calorie restriction for the sake of calorie restriction. While improving health and life span, it can come at a price. Besides leaving you hungry, it can also lower your sex drive. I’m not sure the longer life would be worth the downside for me. So, if there were something that could do the same, without that downside, I’d sure look into it.

The good news is that resveratrol might just do it all and without sacrificing your sex drive, or palate. In fact, if it improves insulin sensitivity, you just might see some improvement in your sexual ability. So take a few tablets of resveratrol every day. You can find resveratrol at any health food store. But I recommend the high-quality Advanced Resveratrol Formula.

Ref: Cell Metabolism 11-11

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