May 9, 2012

Women taking hormones in danger
of serious nutrient deficiencies

I’ve warned my readers for some time that taking hormones isn’t the panacea everyone thinks it is. Yes, they can help certain problems very well. But they can also cause problems. And new evidence suggests one of those problems may be dangerous nutrient deficiencies.

This small study followed 30 premenopausal women taking hormones and 40 matched controls who did not take the hormones. After four months, the researchers measured for nutritional deficiencies. They found that serum CoQ10 and alpha-tocopherol (one fraction of vitamin E) levels were significantly lower in the hormone users. Deficiencies in these two nutrients can lead to heart and brain problems.

But that’s not all. They also found that the total antioxidant capacity levels were significantly lower in those taking the hormones compared to controls.

This isn’t a warning to stop bio-identical hormone therapy. It’s just a warning that any treatment that alters the balance in your body can have totally unsuspected and even undesirable effects. You don’t need to run out and spend a lot of money on a lab test. I simply suggest that you consider supplementing with these two nutrients if you’re taking any hormones.

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Advanced Bionutritionals makes a fine CoQ10 product called Ubiquinol. One capsule once or twice daily should do the job. You can find vitamin E in most multiple vitamin/mineral formulas such as Healthy Resolve. Any good brand will do here, but the brands I prefer are Carlson’s vitamin E and Unique E.

Ref: Effects of oral, vaginal, and transdermal hormonal contraception on serum levels of coenzyme q(10), vitamin e, and total antioxidant activity," Palan PR, Mikhail MS, et al, Obstet Gynecol Int, 2010, Aug 10; [Epub ahead of print].

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