May 2, 2012

I’m nuts about this
cancer treatment

As you probably know, I’m always recommending food as your best medicine. It’s always best to turn to diet and God-made substances before using other treatments. Some people ask me if this is true even for cancer. And I tell them, “Absolutely!” In fact, a dandy new study shows how food can treat prostate cancer.

In this study, researchers followed mice with prostate cancer. They divided the rodents into three diet groups at eight weeks of life. One diet consisted of a 20% high-fat diet. In this case, the fat came from eating whole walnuts. The second group also ate a 20% high-fat diet. But their fat came from soybean oil. And the third group ate a standard 8% fat diet.

The researchers then analyzed the animals’ prostate, liver, and blood after 9, 18, or 24 weeks. There were no differences between the high-fat groups in whole animal growth rate. However, the walnut group had reduced prostate tumor growth rates. The walnut group also had improvement in liver function, with reduced insulin-like growth factor (cancer inducer), reduced LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and reduced resistin (an insulin resistance marker).

The authors concluded the walnut diet’s beneficial effects probably represent the effects of “whole walnuts” multiple constituents and not via a specific fatty acid or tocopherols. The two high-fat diet groups had similar total fat and vitamin E intake. So those dietary variables were not likely to have been a factor. It was the walnuts as a whole food.

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Oops, don’t let the FDA know about this. They will immediately classify walnuts as a drug. Remember my mantra: There are three fundamental causes of disease: malnutrition, toxins, and stress. In this case, the simple, dirt-cheap walnut FOOD just may not only prevent, but treat your prostate cancer with nutrition.

Ref: Br J Nutr. 2012 Jan 16:1-9. [Epub ahead of print].

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