April 18, 2012

Inexpensive therapy improves
71% of herniated discs

A friend of mine recently hurt his back. When he went to a chiropractor, the diagnosis was a herniated disk. The chiropractor wanted to put him on a machine that stretches out the back and relieves the herniated disk and the pain. The cost of his spinal decompression was going to run $200 per treatment. And it would take 20-25 treatments.

Fortunately, there’s a treatment that works even better for herniated disks. It works much faster and it costs a fraction of the $4,000-$5,000 this chiropractor hoped to make off his patients.

That treatment is Prolozone — a fantastic therapy I’ve talked about in detail many times in my newsletter. And now this therapy is making inroads worldwide. At a recent meeting of Radiologists in Chicago, European doctors presented incredible findings using ozone to inject herniated discs. Dr. Thomas Lehnert and his German colleagues gave patients just 3 cc of ozone into herniated discs under fluoroscopic guidance.

They had terrific success overall. Among all the participants, 71% had a positive response. And 51.5% of the patients rated their improvement as “excellent.”

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That was the subjective “how does it feel?” response. Now look at the actual measurable improvements: Disc volume averaged 18.4 cc at outset. Within six months of treatment, the mean volume fell to 14.31 in those with an excellent outcome. The reduction in disc volume fell as results fell. But even in those with a poor outcome, there was still a reduction in volume. “The ease of execution and noninvasiveness of this therapy permit the successful outpatient treatment of lumbar sciatic pain,” Dr. Lehnert’s team says.

This team saw incredible results using just ozone and a steroid injection. Prolozone is more than just ozone and its results are even better and much faster than what this team used.

Prolozone is growing rapidly in the U.S. and it should. Back surgery has a 50% “make you worse” rate, aside from all its other dangers.

I marvel at the improvement in low back pain with Prolozone in my office. I am seeing improvements that a conventional doctor would simply either not believe, or would have to concede there had to be Divine intervention. Well, it’s not Divine intervention except for one thing. The doctors must be brave enough to trust the Divine that the financial losses of the back surgeons will not backlash against them.

What’s more, I’m not using steroids at all, nor the cost and radiation associated with fluoroscopy. The American Academy of Ozone Therapy now has a list of trained and examined (by the AAO) doctors on the “Find a Doctor” page of the academy’s website: www.aaot.us.

Ref: Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting: Abstract SSA13-01. Presented November 27, 2011.

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