April 6, 2012

This supplement allows you to exercise less and drop more weight

You probably know that exercise is necessary to stay in shape and drop excess weight. You have to burn more calories than you consume. I’ve always recommended a low-calorie diet, so you don’t have to exercise so hard. But when you do exercise, there’s a way you can make it more effective in burning fat. (That means you can exercise less.) A new study says a particular supplement can supercharge your fat-burning exercise routine.

This supplement is the bioflavonoid capsaicin, which is in hot red pepper. In the new study, researchers gave 20 subjects 2 mg of microencapsulated capsaicin daily. They found that it improved markers associated with weight loss. In particular, free fatty acids went up with exercise, making them available for combustion. This is a chemical process that’s necessary for removing fat from your body.

When you exercise, this chemical process burns fat. Taking capsaicin can maximize your body’s ability to burn fat when you exercise.

Cayenne pepper is a miracle food with its high content of capsaicin. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory compound, circulation protector, and now a possible adjunct to exercise-induced weight loss. Based on my readings, all the important flavonoids will have a similar effect. This includes cava ecklonia extracts (found in Alginol), green tea, resveratrol, capsaicin, and others. Take your pick, or try them all. I don’t see any downside. And the weight lost and heart protection just might be a life-saver.

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Lipids Health Dis, 2010 July 15; 9: 72

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