March 30, 2012

Powerful extract
targets cancer cells

For years I’ve told you about unique remedies that might help prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse different types of cancer. Among these remedies are artemisinin, cayenne pepper, bioflavonoids like resveratrol, and others. Well, according to a recent study, you can add a new one to the list.

In the study in mice on head and neck cancer, researchers found that grape seed extract is highly effective at suppressing tumor growth. It led to selective damage to cancer cells' DNA and DNA repair, yet left healthy cells unharmed. Grape seed extract may be another molecule that can target peculiar weaknesses of cancer metabolism. It created reactive oxygen stressors within cancer cells that were hard for these defective cells to overcome. By contrast, normal cells have abundant mechanisms to handle oxidative stresses.

A European oxidation expert once told me his findings of why green tea, an antioxidant, causes oxidative damage to cancer cells, and none to normal cells. His explanation works for grape seed extract as well, so it’s relevant here.

He told me that normal cells are relatively oxidized (scarcity of electrons). They actively burn oxygen, which consumes the electrons. Cancer cells are highly reduced (abundance of electrons), a hallmark of the abnormal cell. Bioflavonoids can go either way: they can donate or accept an electron. That’s the key!

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To an oxidized cell, bioflavonoids act as antioxidants — they can donate an electron to induce “reduction” where electrons are scarcer. But, to a cancer cell, rich in electrons, bioflavonoids accept extra electrons, inducing oxidation. So, these miraculous chemicals have different effects on normal cells, versus the peculiar metabolism and oxidation/reduction state of cancer cells. It explains why they can outright damage cancer cells without harming normal cells.

The only experience I have with grape seed extract is in the Advanced Resveratrol Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals. Many of my readers say this product works wonders for cancer. It makes sense, as many people have used grape seed extract for a long time to treat cancer. Even the University of Maryland Medical website acknowledges its usefulness for infection, heart disease, chronic venous disease, edema, and, yes, cancer. The website does say that most of the work has been done in animals. Because there are no known side effects, there’s no reason not to try grape seed extract if you have cancer — or just want to prevent it.

Usual doses are 300 mg once or twice daily. This should include standardized extracts of OPC (not less than 95%) or proanthocyanidins (40-80%). OPC and proanthocyanidins are the bioflavonoids packed in the grape seeds. They’re responsible for the wonderful activities of grape seed extract.

Needless to say, grape seed extract is now a part of my anti-cancer treatment regimen. I will keep you posted on any clinical findings I observe.


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