March 16, 2012

How sleeping can increase your
risk of death by 500%

What if I told you going to sleep can significantly increase your risk of cancer and death? You’d think I was crazy. But a new study says this just may be the case....

If you use sleeping pills, that is.

Surely sleeping pills can’t be that dangerous, can they? Well, in this new study, prescription sleeping pills might be just as life threatening as smoking cigarettes. According to the findings, if you use 18 sleeping pills per year, your risk of death will be 3.5 times greater than if you took none. That’s just 1.5 sleeping pills per month!

It gets worse. If you use 132 or more pills per year, your risk will jump to five times higher. That’s 11 sleeping pills per month. And it will raise your risk by 500%.

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Here’s how they discovered this shocking news. The researchers tracked more than 10,500 people for an average of 2.5 years between 2002 and 2007. The researchers compared survival among these patients with that of 23,500 people matched for age, sex, lifestyle factors, and underlying health problems who did not take sleeping pills. In other words, they looked every which way they could to ascribe this disastrous effect to something else. And they couldn’t find any other cause!

The drugs they looked at included the very popular benzodiazepines (Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata), as well as barbiturates and sedative anti-histamines. They found that the class of sleeping pill doesn’t matter. All of them dramatically increase risk.

Let me put this in perspective. If you’re a woman, you face a one in seven chance of getting breast cancer. But if you use sleeping pills, your risk might go to one in five or worse.

Friend, prescription drugs are killing us! I admit that the sleeping pill users could have other medical problems that raised their death rate. But not their risk of cancer? It’s quite possible that the sedative/hypnotic effects of the drugs increases sleep apnea, which I’ve reported is a major inducer of disease. Less oxygen equals more cancer.

Whatever drug your doctor wants to dump into your body, please look at it with a “jaundiced eye” — meaning great skepticism. Then look for an alternative. Most alternatives work just as well, if not better. And they’re far safer.

If you have trouble sleeping, try Advanced Sleep Formula. It’s completely natural and won’t have these disastrous effects. And if you have sleep apnea, please search my website for the cure offered by Farrand Robson, DDS of Tacoma, WA before using any sleep aid.

Ref: BMJ, February 27, 2012.

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