February 3, 2012

Why you’re getting sick more often

Have you noticed you’re getting sick more often? Does it seem like your doctor is putting you on antibiotics several times a year? Are you feeling like your immune system just can’t keep up anymore? If so, it’s possible one of the drugs you’re taking has compromised your immune system. And it could put you at risk for life-threatening infections.

A new study shows that one particular class of drugs can increase your risk of getting a dangerous bacterial infection.

In this new study, researchers found that statins modulate inflammation. That may sound like a good thing, as inflammation causes many illnesses. However, inflammation also is part of your immune system’s arsenal to fight disease. And this study discovered that statins can lower inflammation too much. This over-modulation can significantly reduce your white blood cells’ response to infection.

In fact, the researchers found that simvistatin (i.e., Zocor) can make you vulnerable to the dreaded MRSA bacteria. The drug lowers the bactericidal and inflammatory response of macrophages (key white blood cell protectors) to staph aureus (the “SA” of “MRSA”).

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I’ve told you that statins are dangerous. We’ve known for years that they threaten your muscles, including your heart, and your brain. Now we know they make you more susceptible to bacterial infections. The reason statins inhibit your immune system is because they poison your white blood cells. This is yet another reason NOT to take these drugs. I see virtually no usefulness for this expensive and dangerous class of petrochemicals.

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Ref: J Leukoc Biol. 2010 Mar;87(3):433-42. Epub 2009 Nov 5.

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