December 23, 2011

Don’t listen to Newt
Gingrich’s medical advice

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich recently said that we could save a lot of money in the health care system if we practiced prevention. I agreed with him. But then he went on to say we should use a statin drug instead of waiting for a heart attack. Friend, that’s not prevention. Not only do statins not prevent heart attacks, they may cause other diseases. In fact, a new study links statins with prostate cancer, the number one cancer in men.

This was a case-controlled study done in Taiwan. The participants were 50 years and older who had a first-time diagnosis of the cancer between 2005 and 2008. The researchers evaluated them for statin use.

Here’s what they found: There were 388 cases of prostate cancer. The researchers then compared them to 1,552 controls. Any use of any statin increased their risk by 55%. For those with the highest cumulative dose, the risk nearly doubled. The results were highly significant, with odds that the findings were due to chance alone less than 1%.

I have pounded statins in my newsletter and in these Health Alerts. And I’ll continue to report on them until I’m satisfied that no Second Opinion reader is on them. This is a totally worthless class of drug. Any possible benefits are blown way out of proportion, and the significant risks are largely ignored.

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Doctors hand out these dangerous chemicals like water. There’s good reason why statins might impact prostate cancer. Cholesterol is not the evil monger the pundits have brainwashed the public to believe. Cholesterol is the raw material for all your life-giving steroid hormones, including your sex hormones and vitamin D.

Remember, cholesterol is NOT the bad guy. Oxidized cholesterol is the bad guy. Please see my website for in depth details on this subject and remedies to treat the real problem. Don’t patch a Band-Aid over a non-problem, especially when the risk to you is so high. Like all drugs, I’d bet anything that if you look at the all cause morbidity and mortality over a long period of time, you’d see few, IF ANY, Pharma chemicals that really do good things for you.

As for Newt, it’s so sad that politicians are beholden to Pharma instead of to us. Don’t listen to your elected officials for medical advice.

Ref: Prostate. 2011 Dec;71(16):1818-24.

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