December 21, 2011

Has heartburn given us a cancer cure?

While massive campaigns are underway to raise money for cancer research, some of the best cures for the disease occur in the offices of innovative physicians. I’ve told you in the past about many of these cures, including IPT. But today, I want to tell you about a new cure that blew my socks off.

Mark Rosenberg, MD, of Boca Raton Florida, recently introduced me to his innovative work on cancer. He’s discovered a way to smother cancer in its own waste.

Cancer makes a lot of lactic acid in its deranged low-oxygen metabolism. It has to get rid of the acid or its pH will fall so low that it will self-destruct. Like your stomach, cancer has pumps to move acid out and into the surrounding fluids, where your bloodstream will whisk it away.

Dr. Rosenberg got an idea. Suppose we used the very same popular drugs that stop stomach acid pumps on cancer? The problem is cancer has several different pumps, so he had to outsmart it. One drug wouldn’t work. So he combined four different drugs. They include methazolamide, Nexium, and Amileride (combined with HCTZ diuretic). These drugs are well known. And, with the exception of the first, they are rather well tolerated. To treat cancer, though, he had to bump the doses up considerably.

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Dr. Rosenberg reported that 7 of his 8 cancer patients responded rapidly. One of them was a 53-year-old woman with endometrial (uterine) cancer. She had a debulking surgery, but there were lots of metastases remaining. After four weeks of the treatment, her tumor markers fell to normal. What’s more, her PET scan showed no visible cancer activity.

Dr. Rosenberg is currently working on innovative ways to deliver the drugs to the cancer cells to limit their toxicity.

One last note: This is not something you should try on your own. As I said, Dr. Rosenberg used considerably high doses of these drugs. Consult with an integrative physician.

I’ll have lots more information for you in coming months on this treatment and other simply amazing approaches for cancer. Please stay tuned.

Ref: Insulin Potentiation Therapy Conference May 2011.

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