November 30, 2011

Prevent prostate cancer with this
powerful vitamin-mineral combination

Last Friday, you saw how the mainstream press and conventional medicine have teamed up to undermine supplements. In that poorly done study, researchers said vitamins and minerals cause early death. But they didn’t limit their aggressive attacks to this one study. At the same time, they reported on another flawed study. This one suggested that vitamin E use might increase the risk of prostate cancer.

You can see the flaw in this study right in the publicly available abstract. The researchers conducting this study used synthetic vitamin E. They used alpha tocopheryl acetate instead of naturally occurring mixed tocopherols. That means the makers of the vitamin E did not balance it properly. Synthetics typically omit the more beneficial and protective gamma tocopherol.

What’s more, the researchers admitted that you could easily negate these negative findings. All you have to do is take selenium (selenomethionine, 200 mcg) at the same time. In fact, the selenium also cuts your prostate cancer risk by a whopping 60%. Did the media pick up on that significant piece of the study? Of course not!

I’ve been recommending selenium for years as a prostate cancer preventer. But I think vitamin E (natural, not synthetic) has benefit as well. And two other studies prove it.

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This study on vitamin E was a far superior study. It actually MEASURED vitamin E levels in serum and compared those measurements to the risk of prostate cancer. Guess what? Both alpha and gamma tocopherol levels significantly reduced risk. The second study came from the National Institutes of Health. It showed that men with the highest levels of gamma tocopherol were five times less likely to get prostate cancer!

As I said last Friday, vitamins won’t send you to an early grave. As these studies indicate, they will likely prevent disease and help you live longer. Specifically, taking natural vitamin E and selenium can save you from the horrors of prostate cancer. A good quality multivitamin, such as Healthy Resolve will contain vitamin E. But if you want to take additional amounts, I recommend Carlson’s or Unique E.

If you’re taking Peenuts (my favorite supplement for prostate health), you’re getting ample selenium. On Friday, I’ll show you what to take with Peenuts to greatly reduce your risk of prostate problems.

Ref:; J Natl Cancer Inst. 2005 Mar 2;97(5):396-9; J Natl Cancer Inst 2000 Dec 20;92(24):2018-2023.

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