November 18, 2011

Cancer center promises longer,
better life — can they deliver?

On Wednesday, I told you the best way to treat cancer is with an integrative approach. I’ve had great success with this approach, as have many of my colleagues. But there’s a more mainstream organization that’s having success with it as well. In fact, their success rate with breast cancer is significantly better than conventional treatments alone.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a different story. They posted a comparison of their advanced breast cancer patients to those women who undergo conventional therapy only. Their total numbers were small (only 71 women). But the differences in survival are so great that they are statistically significant!

Please compare the results as follows. For each time period, I’ve list the Cancer Treatment Centers of America survival score first and the conventional survival score second.

0.5 years – 93% vs. 71%
1 year – 88% vs. 60%
1.5 years – 76% vs. 51%
2 years – 63% vs. 44%
2.5 years – 56% vs. 37%
3 years – 46% vs. 32%
3.5 years – 42% vs. 29%

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses chemotherapy. I don’t have a problem with that. The difference between Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s approach and your conventional oncologist is that Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides an integrative approach with supportive therapies. These could include nutrition, naturopathy, spiritual support, acupuncture, chiropractic, and mind-body connection support.

I treat cancer, as do most of my alternative peers. While I cannot promise that your cancer will remit, or even shrink, I can promise a higher quality of life in virtually every case. And in my book, a higher quality of life translates to a longer life. And we see the proof of that here in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America results.

In my patients who choose conventional therapy along with supportive therapies, I find their quality of life greatly enhanced, with less toxicity. And they typically live longer. I’m grateful for Cancer Treatment Centers of America publishing proof of the benefits of integrative management of cancer. If you would like to see more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you can visit their website at



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