November 11, 2011

Will this toxin cure your headache?

If you suffer from migraines and other severe headaches, the FDA says it has found a new treatment that can bring you relief. And it’s a proven toxin.

The Fraud and Deception Administration (aka FDA) just approved Botox for migraine. Yes, this is the same Botox that chases wrinkles away. Botox is short for botulism (“Bo”) and lethal toxin (“tox”). This toxin paralyzes muscles. The effects can last for months.

Doctors have used it to paralyze facial muscles to hide wrinkles. But, of course, Pharma had to figure out an “approved” indication for this rather easy to produce toxin.

But the truth about this “amazing” discovery isn’t so amazing. One study evaluated seven injections of Botox around the head. It worked – but not much better than a placebo. A second study reported that patients who received Botox had 2.3 fewer headaches days per month than the placebo patients. It was statistically significant. But the placebo group also improved considerably, which is common in pain studies.

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Of course, the treatment isn’t cheap. It costs a cool $1,000-$2,000 per treatment. So Pharma producers will see literally a billion dollars in sales of the neurotoxin for this new use.

Migraines are really tough. They’re tough on those who have to suffer through them. And they’re tough to stop. But, you need to know that there are other remedies besides a neurotoxin or Pharma-produced petrochemical drugs that you can use effectively.

I have successfully stopped migraines by finding and treating dental interference fields. These can come from root canals, cavitations, and TMJ. I use neural therapy to help diagnose and treat dental problems.

I also use a strict diet, and/or vegetable or fruit juice fasts to remove possible allergens. Many of my migraine patients have found relief from chiropractic, biofeedback, and acupuncture. I think all of them are worth a try.

There are many nutritional supplements that might offer relief as well. These include magnesium, the herb feverfew, essential fatty acids, 5-HTP, and butterbur herb. You can find these at any health food store.

Whatever you do, don’t pay thousands of dollars to your doctor for a toxic injection. There’s not enough science behind it. And we don’t know all of the potential side effects yet.


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