October 19, 2011

How to stop SAD before winter hits

As I write this, winter is right around the corner. The days are already getting shorter. And with shorter days comes less sunlight. Lack of sunlight can lead to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It can make you feel gloomy and irritable. The media has covered this condition extensively. As a result, most affected people (and even doctors) know to get more light during this time of year. However, that can be difficult.

Traditional light bulbs don’t provide the type of light you need to overcome this often debilitating form of depression. And bulbs that do provide the right type of light can be very expensive. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

A new study suggests that blue light might be particularly useful. The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported scientific findings that blue light stimulates and strengthens connections in your brain processing emotion and language. The researchers discovered the blue light works better than green light.

I just love research like this. It shows how tightly we are woven into the fabric of Nature. We know we need sunlight to generate vitamin D. We know we need more light in winter. Now we see how a specific color can benefit us this time of year.

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If you have SAD, you can easily find light boxes online. While the full spectrum boxes definitely work, some people can be sensitive to the bright light they emit. There are now boxes with LED blue spectrum that you can use as an alternative. These might be much easier for the average person to use!

You also can order Color Me Healthy (800-791-3445), a special report I wrote years ago on the power of color to heal. This report comes with a set of filters you can cut to fit most flashlights. It has a blue filter that will work as well as any light box. Plus, you’ll get several different colored filters that can treat other illnesses.

Ref: CNN, October 27, 2010 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences November 9, 2010; 107(45):19549-54

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