October 14, 2011

Can you beat disease — even cancer
— without any medicine?

If you have any chronic health problem, including chronic pain, cancer, or heart disease, there’s a possible cause that conventional medicine will never consider. That cause is your emotions.

We know that stress can have an enormous impact on your health. But there are emotional causes of disease that go well beyond stress. For instance, my editor once told me of a woman who had ovarian cancer. She saw an astute doctor who asked her if she had any stress in her life. She said, “Yes, my husband and I recently separated.” The doctor told her to get marital counseling, restore her marriage and come back when she had done so.

She did as the doctor ordered. After the couple were back together, she came back to see the doctor. He tested for cancer and discovered the cancer was completely gone. She didn’t receive any other treatment for the cancer. Now, there could be other explanations for the disappearance. I’ve told you that many cancers will simply go away. But this story gives some anecdotal evidence as to the powerful effect emotions can have on disease.

As a result, scientists wanted to see if they could quantitatively evaluate the power of emotions on disease. They had seen other studies showing that your white blood cells seem to express your emotions by their activity or lack thereof in fending off invaders.

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In their study, the researchers took jilted lovers and showed them a photo of the partner who left the relationship. They compared the effect on their brains (via non invasive functional MRI scans) to the effect of physical pain (holding a hot cup of coffee). They found that the emotion of rejection activated parts of the brain normally involved in the sensation of physical pain.

In other words, they found that emotional pain is just as hard on you as physical pain. However, emotional pain is the hardest thing for me to treat in the office. Identifying and treating the physical source can usually correct pain from physical sources. It’s much harder for us to let go of the emotions that haunt us.

There are definitely ways to accelerate the healing process though. The one I like the best is called Emotional Healing Technique or EFT. One of its great espousers is Dawson Church, PhD, who wrote a book called Genie in Your Genes. This book details the hard science of how your thoughts physically affect every cell in your body. But it doesn’t stop there. It can affect others around you as well.

EFT is really easy to do, and I attest to its effectiveness. I have witnessed it in a training session with Dr. Church. You can get more information on Dr. Church’s outstanding book at http://www.genieinyourgenes.com or at Amazon.com. And go to http://www.eftuniverse.com for more information on EFT. This is a method of emotional healing you can do on yourself without the time and great expense of seeing a therapist.

Ref: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 3-28-11.

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