October 7, 2011

You’re taking massive amounts
of antibiotics every day —
and don’t even know it

You probably already know that antibiotics aren’t perfect. Yes, they kill deadly bacteria and save lives. We can’t underestimate that. But we also know that bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics. For this reason, taking too many antibiotics can seriously endanger your health. And now there’s news that you may be getting a huge dose of antibiotics every day without knowing it.

You don’t have to look any further than your dinner plate for the source. The FDA has recently released its first ever report on antibiotics fed to livestock. Cattle lots fed an astounding 29 million pounds – yes, pounds ... not milligrams – to American livestock in 2009 alone. This is a catastrophe in the making on two counts.

First, this exposes you to an incredibly high dose of antibiotics. This, of course, increases the likelihood that you’ll catch a bug that’s resistant to antibiotics. If you do catch one of these bugs, it could be deadly.

Second, the bugs in the livestock become resistant as well. This makes the meat you buy at the store more likely to carry drug-resistant bacteria. If you don’t cook the meat properly, or you handle contaminated meat with your bare hands before cooking kills all the germs on it, these bugs can attack you.

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Factory farms give their animals huge doses of antibiotics. They keep the animals alive in stressful, unsanitary conditions. If you don’t think this is serious, consider a new study from the University of Iowa. In this study, the researchers found that 64% of workers, along with 70% of the hogs at a factory farm carried the MRSA bug. MRSA is the deadly staph germ that’s resistant to common antibiotics. Clearly, the germ is spreading from animals to humans.

Action to take: You and I are hardly likely to bring down the horrific and entrenched well-funded factory farm practices destroying our health. But you can take steps to protect yourself. Buy grass-fed organic meats. These animals won’t have antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides in their meat. If enough Americans do this, the factory farms will eventually change their cruel and ignorant methods.



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