September 21, 2011

4-nutrient combination removes poison that causes fatigue and brain fog

If you suffer from fatigue, low energy, brain fog, and muddled thinking, it’s possible you have a poison in your body.

Many years ago in Alaska, I had a wonderful working relationship with three dentists. Those dentists sent me many of their patients who suffered from the ill effects of mercury poisoning from amalgam filling. By the time I left Alaska, I had treated many thousands of patients with mercury toxicity. And I combined the power of four simple nutrients to treat them.

These four nutrients did more to help more people than any other nutrient combination I’ve worked with, ever. This combination lowers astronomically high levels of mercury. But that’s not all. Most patients tell me they have more energy, less brain fog, and clearer thinking.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin. It can cause just about any brain or neurological symptom. A combination of nutrients often works better than one alone, as they can work synergistically. A recent study confirms my observations on key nutrients.

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In this study, the researchers dosed rats with dimethylmercury, the most devastating form of the poison. The mercury deranged a multitude of enzyme functions body wide. Additionally, the mercury induced severe liver and kidney disease.

Then the researchers gave the rats NAC, along with zinc and selenium. The nutrient combination “dramatically reversed” the effects of the mercury.

The nutrients the researchers used did not exactly match my combination. They gave the NAC via injection, and gave the other two nutrients orally. My cocktail is NAC (500 mg, two to three times daily), alpha lipoic acid (not the more expensive R form either – 300 mg daily), selenium (200 mcg daily), and vitamin C (1 gram three times daily). These nutrients are the critical recyclers of glutathione, your body’s most important detoxification molecule.

I am not a researcher, but a clinician. A good and experienced clinician observes and makes use of those observations on subsequent patients. I didn’t need a study to confirm what I was seeing. But even 20 years later, it sure is nice to see conventional medicine catching up.

Last year, I formulated Advanced Detox Formula containing those key ingredients. If you have amalgam fillings, or if you have any exposure to mercury or other heavy metals, this is a formula that might really benefit you.

Every patient I treated saw their mercury levels fall to a tolerable range from toxic/highly toxic levels. Most patients responded in just three months. Some took a second cycle of three months. And a handful took a third cycle. I was in the latter category. After three cycles, my mercury fell to a very low level on a chelation challenge urine specimen. It has remained low (over 12 years) ever since.

I don’t think there is a detox product that’s as cost effective as Advanced Detox Formula on the market today. If you chose to try it, I suggest one capsule twice daily.

Ref: Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 2011 March 19. [Epub ahead of print].

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