September 2, 2011

This natural compound drops cholesterol by 17.4%

Does your doctor still hound you with warnings about cholesterol? Do you feel the pressure to knuckle under to his demands and take a dangerous statin? I’ve always said that I see no place for statins in 99% of people. Here’s more proof. Common molecules in plants can dramatically lower your cholesterol, and totally without risk.

In this study, researchers followed 93 healthy subjects with slightly elevated cholesterol 193-309 mg/dl. They wanted to see if plant stanols could lower their cholesterol. Stanols are molecules in plants with a very similar structure to cholesterol called phytosterols.

The researchers divided the subjects into four groups. They gave the patients either a control product or a stanol product daily for four weeks. The stanol product was a margarine/soy-based “yogurt” that provided 3, 6, or 9 grams of plant stanols. Each stanol group had lowered cholesterol. But the 9 gram group lowered the most – 27mg/dl. The 9 gram group dropped cholesterol a whopping 17.4%.

I showed you on Wednesday how the reports of major problems with statins continue to come in. Furthermore, even if these very expensive drugs were totally safe, it would take treating 80 people for many years to reduce one heart attack death. And, that death would be offset by a one death rise from another cause. Who is Pharma kidding? Why, it’s your pocket book!

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This study doesn’t surprise me. My cholesterol is 175 mg/dl and I eat an enormous amount of stanol-containing veggies. I realize most people won’t eat as many plants as I do. And some make significant changes and they still battle “high cholesterol.”

That’s why I designed Advanced Cholesterol Formula, which contains abundant phytosterols. These molecules will compete with cholesterol in your gut for absorption. They’ll lower the impact of your diet on your cholesterol problems.

I also mentioned on Wednesday that cholesterol itself is not the bad guy. It’s oxidized (rancid) cholesterol that’s unhealthy. Plant sterols are saturated, so they are far less likely to have any rancidity problems. Conservative heating of plant sterols will not damage them, as the heat might do to cholesterol.

Plant stanols are in all kinds of nuts seeds spectrum. That’s one reason scientists repeatedly find these foods to reduce heart disease risk. If you need some extra oomph, then a supplement like Advanced Cholesterol Formula from Advanced Bionutritionals might provide the assistance you need to lower your cholesterol. It’s loaded with plant sterols and could bring your cholesterol numbers low enough that your doctor won’t bark at you anymore.

Ref: Am J Clin Nutr, 2010 May 26.

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