August 31, 2011

This heart drug actually
destroys your heart

It amazes me that people still take statins. Years ago, I told you that statins cause diastolic dysfunction, a sign that congestive heart failure is right around the corner. Conventional medicine is just now beginning to catch up. The journal Clinical Cardiology recently published new evidence that statins destroy your heart.

In the study, researchers evaluated 28 patients for heart function. They used an echocardiography and a technique called strain imaging. This imaging holds great promise, according to experts, to identify regional problems in your heart. In this study, a carefully matched group of patients NOT on statins had significantly better strain imaging function than those on statins. The authors concluded that statins can impair heart muscle function.

This isn’t new information for Second Opinion readers. But it’s the first time we’re seeing conventional journals telling us that statins actually cause heart damage — rather than save us from heart damage, as promised. Statins weaken (sometimes significantly) skeletal muscle. So why wouldn’t doctors expect it to do the same to heart muscle? The enzyme that statins inhibit not only makes cholesterol, but your essential CoQ10. With less CoQ10, you get greater damage to your mitochondrial DNA, which energizes your cells. The result is irreversible aging.

With this evidence, anyone taking statins should stop immediately! There’s no reason to take them. Remember, cholesterol is not the bad guy. Your cholesterol might be high because organs such as gonads or adrenals might be calling for higher cholesterol to make needed steroid hormones. Lower the raw material and lower these precious hormones.

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If you really feel compelled to lower your cholesterol, there are a few ways to do it. First, all you really need to do is clean up your diet and exercise and you’ll accomplish most of your cholesterol goals. My cholesterol is 175, just from diet and exercise.

Beyond that, many of my patients love red yeast rice (1,200 mg daily). I prefer Vinco’s brand. A retired ophthalmologist I see as a patient came in a few days ago with stunning improvements in cholesterol and lipids. All he did differently was take the red yeast rice I recommended. Red yeast rice is a natural statin and doesn’t typically have the same side effects as the synthetic drugs. However, many people take CoQ10 along with it just to make sure there aren’t any problems with muscle weakness.

And on Friday, I’ll show you another way to lower your cholesterol that my family has found to work really well.

Ref: Clin Cardiol. 2009 Dec;32(12):684-9.

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