August 19, 2011

Why Alzheimer’s patients should
take this nutrient for diabetics

On Wednesday, I mentioned that Alzheimer’s is very similar to diabetes? It’s so closely related, in fact, that I call it another form of diabetes (type-3). So it makes sense that helping insulin metabolism might improve your brain function.

As you may know, a great nutrient for treating diabetes is chromium. So is it possible chromium might also treat Alzheimer’s? A research team from the University of Cincinnati wanted to know.

The researchers followed 26 older adults with early memory decline. The team randomized the subjects to receive chromium picolinate (1,000 mcg) or a placebo for only 12 weeks. They tested the participants for memory and depression before the treatment started. Then they retested the participants on the final week. A subset of patients also had functional MRI (fMRI) testing. That’s a scan that can see metabolic brain activity.

Chromium supplements improved learning, recall, and recognition memory skill. But the scans took it to a higher level. The fMRI tests showed that those taking chromium had greater activation in key areas of their brains.

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Chromium provides key support for insulin metabolism. It assists in better glucose tolerance. It helps diabetics. And now we know it helps with Alzheimer’s.

So if you have cognitive decline, I strongly recommend you take chromium picolinate. You can get chromium picolinate at any health food store. To treat Alzheimer’s or any dementia, I recommend you take it in combination with other great memory enhancers, such as those found in Advanced Memory Formula.

Ref: Neuroscience (2010 Jun;13(3):116-22.

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