August 12, 2011

Wipe out constipation with this simple food-supplement combination

Constipation is a chronic problem for millions of Americans. I’ve written in the past that some cases are so severe it causes Parkinson’s disease. So finding a cure is extremely important. Fortunately, the answer might be relatively easy. All you have to do is combine a delightful food with a good probiotic.

In a small study, a research group followed eight subjects. They gave each of them six ounces of artichokes enriched with probiotics. They found that the combination “markedly” improved symptoms. This included helping with distention and feelings of incomplete evacuation.

Most people can fix their constipation simply by getting off the standard American diet (SAD). But for some, that’s hard. Artichokes are a delight for most people. My first experience with the globed veggie wasn’t until 1972 when I attended medical school in San Francisco. I’ve been a lover ever since.

Why do the artichokes work better with probiotics? Artichokes, and other vegetables, might provide a better environment for the beneficial bacteria to assist you.

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So if you’re not getting the results you expect with your probiotic, consider adding artichokes to your diet on a regular basis. Though I’m an avid raw-food promoter, artichokes must be cooked. I do grow them and eat them when in season. But I always steam them before eating.

The probiotic I recommend is Advanced Probiotic Formula by Advanced Bionutritionals. It has proven bacteria activity that surpasses most brands on the market.

Ref: J Clin Gastroenterol, 2010 May 20.

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