August 10, 2011

This popular cancer drug
slows the aging process

In the upcoming September issue of Second Opinion, I’m going to tell you about an amazing product that can protect women from breast cancer and men from prostate cancer. What’s more, this product can help slow the aging process for men and women. But if you listen to conventional docs, Big Pharma has a better answer — Tamoxifen.

I have to admit, in this case, the drug companies have come up with a viable use for this popular cancer drug. It really does slow aging. At least that’s what a recent study says.

In this study, a Harvard research group, led by Harvard professor Ronald A. DePinho, followed the effect of estrogens on telomerase. I’ve told you in the past about how this enzyme maintains the telomere on the end of your genes. Telomeres are like shoelace caps on your DNA. When they get too short, the gene stops functioning, the cell ages. The longer you keep your telomere, the slower you age. Telomerase regenerates the telomere and can dramatically slow aging.

Big Pharma has been racing to find patentable synthetic chemicals that can activate telomerase. We already know that natural estrogen is a powerful stimulator of telomerase. The gene coding the protein has estrogen beta-receptors. You would not expect the synthetic chemical Tamoxifen to fit in here, since it is an estrogen blocker. But it does fit. Here’s how:

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In this study, the researchers genetically altered mice so that they lacked telomerase. These mice aged very rapidly. But the genetic engineering also included modifications in their estrogen receptors. In these mice, researchers enabled Tamoxifen to actually activate the telomerase estrogen receptor. Tamoxifen generated pulses of telomerase.

Within a month, the researchers described a literal “fountain of youth.” Shriveled testes grew back to normal and animals regained fertility. Degenerated spleens, liver, and intestines recuperated from their aged state. Just one month of pulsed telomerase (from Tamoxifen) dramatically reversed aging in the brain. Mice with resorted telomerase had noticeably larger brains and more neurons in development! DePinho remarked about the exciting possibilities of drugs to ramp up telomerase for age-related diseases.

You might wonder why they used Tamoxifen instead of the bio-identical estradiol. Estradiol can activate the beta-receptor quite well. But the research money trail ends at Big Pharma. The drug companies can’t make any money with non-patentable natural hormones. Expensive synthetic chemicals, on the other hand, can make Pharma bazillions — especially if they can find one to activate telomerase. Of course, they’re not very interested in the terrible toxicity a synthetic chemical causes.

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, don’t wait for Big Pharma to give you Tamoxifen or some other “Youth Drug.” Instead, talk to your doctor about using bio-identical hormones. Or, better yet, read the September issue and discover a way to stay young without your doctor’s help.

Ref: DePinho, Robert A. “Telomerase reactivation reverses tissue degeneration in aged telomerase-deficient micePDF file,” Nature, January 6, 2011.

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