August 3, 2011

Don’t get cancer in California

As you may know, I work very hard to push for medical freedom around the country. It started in Alaska, where I helped get the country’s first medical freedom law passed. Many states have followed what we did in Alaska. Then I moved to California. About 7 years ago, I participated in a similar bill in California. California is the largest state in the Union and, as California goes, so goes the nation. So we’re working hard to press for medical freedom here.

Prior to us passing the medical freedom bill, the California assembly passed a billed directed at alternative medicine. Allegedly to protect the public, this law made it a criminal act for any doctor to treat cancer outside of slash, burn, and poison (aka surgery, radiation, and chemo). They did this with absolutely no evidence that these horrible treatments did anyone any good. If they took the time to do a little research, they would have found that chemo gives at best a few weeks of extra life. And it does so at an extraordinary cost to quality of life and pocketbook. Your oncologist can kill you. But they can imprison your integrative medical doctor or naturopath for curing you.

This law doesn’t govern the medical board, though. In fact, the California Medical Board has done an outstanding job of respecting the letter and intent of the medical freedom bill here. Informed consent is the key. I spoke with the executive director of the California Medical Board about this. She told me that the medical board looks the other way when it comes to cancer treatment so long as the doctor has provided informed consent. That means the doctors aren’t in danger of losing their medical license for treating cancer.

Instead, the previous law gives a different arm of the state government, the Department of Health, the power to throw these doctors in jail for treating cancer. They effectively do an end-run around the medical board. So if you live in California and have cancer, you have to use chemo, surgery, and/or radiation to treat it — unless you leave the state. As a result, many people, including a number of celebrities, head to Mexico in droves for cancer treatment.

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There is good news though. California Citizens for Health Freedom (CCHF), the same group that sponsored the medical freedom bill years ago, is now pushing to repeal the criminalization of non-toxic cancer therapy. This is very important for all of us in California. And, it’s important to those outside the Golden State, since California sets the pace for medicine throughout the country.

I encourage you to visit and support California Citizens for Health Freedom at We have a unique opportunity to serve the people of California and secondarily, all of North America. We have to repeal the statute that makes anyone a felon for treating cancer with anything but conventional treatments. Passage of this bill will complete my mission to bring medical freedom to California, as I was able to do in Alaska.

We passed the medical freedom law with many hundreds of messages to the legislature from people like you. The messages drowned out the garbage from the medical lobby. We can do it again. Please contact CCHF and assist in any way you can.

P.S. For those of you in southern California, you have a great chance to help out. California Citizens for Health Freedom is sponsoring a gathering at the annual Labor Day Cancer Control Society meeting in Los Angeles. The time for the gathering is Friday, September 2, 6-10pm. It is at the "Hotel for the Stars" – Sheraton Universal Hotel, 333 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City 91608. I encourage you, if in the local area, to attend since your voice really matters. You also might be interested in the Cancer Control Society convention going on the rest of the weekend. For more information, visit

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