July 29, 2011

How fish oil makes
you age faster

I’ve been writing a lot about fish oil lately. As you may know, nearly everyone, even mainstream doctors, has jumped on the marine omega-3 oils bandwagon. But I began to question fish oils a couple of years ago. And I recently made a very controversial stand against them in my newsletter. You can read these articles on my website.

But here’s yet another reason why you shouldn’t take fish oils anymore. Fish oil might make you age faster!

In a recent study, the authors admitted that the effects of long-chain omega-3 oils on aging and lifespan are not well known. The authors fed male mice bred to get old more quickly (SAMP8 mice) one of two diets. The first diet was 5% fish oil and 5% safflower oil. The second diet was simply 10% safflower oil. They started the diets at 12 weeks of age.

The results are worrisome for those who might be taking fish oil. The mice that were fed the fish oil had shorter life spans than the mice fed the safflower oil.

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The authors found that the mice fed fish oil for 28 weeks showed strong oxidative stress when compared to the mice eating safflower oil. This caused hyperoxidation of membrane phospholipids. But that’s not all. It also diminished their antioxidant defense system. This is probably due to a decrease in tocopherol.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying about fish oil versus parent essential oils. Again, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the researchers here in their conclusion: “These findings suggest that intake of fish oil increases oxidative stress, decreases cellular function, and causes organ dysfunction in SAMP8 mice, thereby promoting aging and shortening the lifespan of the mice.”

I strongly recommend you stop taking marine oil if you’re still taking it. Switch to Yes EFA, which are parent essential oils and NOT subject to this type of damage to your cells. Yes EFA is available from Advanced Bionutritionals. I am proud that I’m the first in the newsletter field to bring you these rising concerns about marine oils.

Ref: Nutrition, Volume 27, Issue 3, March 2011, Pages 334-337

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