July 22, 2011

Can this toothpaste
prevent heart attacks?

You may have heard that bacteria from gum disease can contribute to heart attacks. Any time there’s arterial disease, I suspect bacteria. But up until now, all researchers had to connect oral bacteria to heart attack was the DNA of bacteria in arterial lesions. But, it’s also important to actually find living organisms.

As a result, researchers continue to look for the link between bad oral health and your blood vessels. Dr. Emil Kozarov and his team at Columbia University have been working on this for some time.

After I tell you what they’ve found, I’ll show you a simple way to stop the bacteria. According to this research team, inflammation in your mouth causes your white blood cells to move in. White blood cells ingest bacteria. But if they don’t succeed in killing the germ, they can inadvertently transport it to your arteries.

While Dr. Kozarov’s work doesn’t fully explain how the bacteria wind up in your arteries, other research is strongly suggestive. As I’ve repeatedly reported, your vascular cells pick up oxidized cholesterol and lipids. There, the damaged fats are treated as if they are pathogenic bacteria.  Your immune cells move in. They can carry the grunge of previous battles, including possibly both dead and live bacteria.

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Now that we know how the bacteria in periodontal disease get to your heart, you can take action to stop it from happening. The key is killing the bacteria while it’s still in your mouth. That way it can’t get to your heart. And there’s an easy way to do just that.

In the July issue of my newsletter, I introduced my readers to a brand new type of toothpaste. It’s Seanol Toothpaste. As the name states, it contains the powerful nutrient Seanol in it. This toothpaste is such a strong antibacterial bioflavonoid, it even kills the bacteria on your toothbrush — a major breeding ground for bugs. I am happy that Advanced Bionutritionals added Seanol Toothpaste to its line of products. It can significantly improve your oral health. And it can help save your life.

Ref: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/01/110105131753.htm.

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