July 6, 2011

Cure type-2 diabetes in two months

You may already know that type-2 diabetes significantly increases your risk of heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, and peripheral neuropathy. And so much more. Type-2 diabetes is a devastating disease. And most conventional doctors will tell you it’s incurable. But what if I told you it’s possible to cure the disease in just two months?

I suspect you’d be interested. What’s more, I’ve seen it happen. Virtually every patient I’ve treated has remitted from the condition. My findings mirror those of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the author of There Is a Cure for Diabetes.

Now, conventional medicine is finally catching up with us. A new report says that if you catch adult diabetes early, you can cure it if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and follow a 600-calorie per day diet for two months. Note the word “cure.”

This study is significant because Diabetes UK funded it. They took 11 subjects who recently received diabetes diagnoses. All 11 reversed the diabetes. The fat content of their pancreas fell to normal coinciding with normalizing insulin function. Even better, three months after completing their diets, seven were still diabetes free.

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The lead professor called it “remarkable.” Why? Because most conventional docs believe that the condition is irreversible.

It’s just so sad that it’s taken so many years for mainstream to catch up to the “quacks.” We haven’t been using drugs, but promoting health instead. This article will begin the paradigm shift. But my experience and Dr. Cousens' goes much further. We have seen long-term diabetics reverse, completely. Not just those who were caught early.

Adult diabetes is a disease of terrible diet and lifestyle. Please note my repeated comments on my website. Search for “metabolic syndrome” and “type-2 diabetes.” They are one and the same. What separates them for the pundits is that in diabetes, your blood sugar actually rises. However, your body is already getting the terrible damage from insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome long before your blood sugar rises.

I can assure you that those subjects “cured” will revert right back if they resume their toxic Western diet. I can also assure you that you don’t need a draconian 600-calorie diet to fix this problem. You don’t have to starve yourself. And, you don’t need supplements or drugs (though the former can help). The Living Foods Diet will do it, all by itself.

I suggest that you limit fruits to berries, cherries, green apples, and sour citrus (such as lemons, limes, and grapefruit only). Eat all the veggies you want, emphasizing non-starchy veggies, the kind that don’t require cooking. Yes, you can steam veggies. NEVER cook them in oil. Oil blocks insulin action. Fat accumulation in your abdominal cavity and pancreas inflames the situation seen in this report.

You don’t HAVE to go vegan or vegetarian. But the higher content of living foods (you need to cook animal products) in your diet, the faster you’ll get to your goal.

If you have a belly, you are at risk. Please take steps to “cure” your diabetes now! Dr. Cousens' book is available online.

Ref: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/229606.php.

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