June 8, 2011

Big Pharma causes holes
in your brain

Did you know the drugs you take every day could be causing holes in your brain? A new technology shows these chemicals cause huge holes to show up on brain scans. But as you’ll see in a moment, it’s not just Big Pharma drugs that can do this damage.

This new brain scan can look at your brain in real time. This SPEC scan has the ability to look at your brain’s energy production as it happens. So it’s remarkably effective at looking at the effect of different stimuli on your brain.

The scan actually proves what I’ve said for years about so-called “psychiatric” diseases. I’ve held that these diseases are actually real physical problems. Why? Because the brain is just like any other organ. It must make energy to function properly. Now for decades, perhaps centuries, we’ve looked at conditions like depression, attitude, etc. as psychological. But this scan shows these problems arise from abnormal physical problems in your brain. And, more importantly, this scan shows that the cause of these abnormalities is environmental influences.

The proof comes from the research of Daniel Amen, MD. He’s a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at UC Irvine. He says anxiety, anger, impulsiveness, etc. could be related to specific areas of biochemical dysfunction in your brain. While most people accept chemical imbalances play a role in these illnesses, no one really knew the cause. The SPEC scan shows us the cause.

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When Dr. Amen studied a normal brain, it lit up uniformly on the scan. But when drugs entered the picture, both legal and illegal, huge holes appeared in the uniform glow of the brain on the scan. The pictures are chilling. Cigarettes, prescription drugs, cannabis, illegal drugs, and even caffeine can affect the flow of blood and energy production in specific brain areas over the long term.

In fact, what most of us consider “innocent” daily activities can have a tremendous biochemical impact on your brain. Dr. Amen hasn’t looked beyond these substances. But I’d bet my last dollar that you’ll find similar “holes” in your brain’s circulation and energy production with the SAD diet, additives, preservatives, pesticides, etc.

Dr. Amen’s book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life is already a U.S. bestseller. I love his concept. He is objectively showing that how we live our lives directly affects and damages our brain on a physical level. That then translates to psychiatric symptoms.

I’ve seen clinically what Dr. Amen sees in the SPEC scan. I routinely see depression, anger, frustration, and other behaviors simply melt away when these people clean up their diet and lifestyle. I hope this information convinces you to change your diet and work to rid your body of toxins that can destroy your brain. Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Detox Formula can help significantly in this process.  And Advanced Memory Formula can help protect your brain from the damage these toxins cause.

Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1177258/Are-wrecking-brain-Chilling-pictures-reveal-shocking-effects-alcohol-cigarettes-caffeine-mind.html#ixzz1DtWZr0zT.

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