June 1, 2011

Is meat a bigger threat to your health than hospitals?

You probably already know that overusing antibiotics can cause serious problems. It has produced an epidemic of drug-resistant superbugs in our hospitals. These bacteria are immune to our antibiotics. And they seriously endanger our health. They’re so common in hospitals that simply visiting a loved one there can expose you to these deadly superbugs. But now we may have an even bigger threat.

Did you know that we use far more antibiotics in animals? Over 80% of all antibiotics we use go toward treating animals. So imagine the threat this poses in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. As new evidence suggests, it’s a very real problem.

Researchers have found that factory farms are breeding grounds for drug-resistant bacteria. These farms continually feed antibiotics to their animals to get them fatter. But the germs naturally present in these animals become resistant to the drugs. The filthy and grotesque factory slaughterhouses' procedures spread fecal material all over the flesh. The proof? Of 136 samples of meat, nearly half (47%) had horrible germ contamination, including MRSA. This is deadly news.

It’s true that cooking kills the organisms. But you can be vulnerable without even eating the fecal-contaminated flesh. All you have to do is handle the uncooked meat. This exposes your skin to germs resistant to nearly every antibiotic. All it would take is a cut or weakened immune system to put your life at risk. Meat handlers could easily spread the resistant germs. Simply touching a doorknob or any utensil without washing hands can expose the next person.

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It’s vital you protect yourself. Start by keeping your immune system strong by eating a diet that’s loaded with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Then take plenty of immune-boosting supplements, including a high-quality multivitamin, Alginol, and other powerful supplements.

Next, make sure any meat you eat meets four criteria. It must be organic, grass- or range-fed (not penned), humanely killed, and not factory farm/slaughterhouse products. (Kosher meat is humanely killed, but does not guarantee the other standards). If you don’t uphold these standards, this study shows the meat you’re eating likely has fecal contamination and possibly drug-resistant bacteria. Both of these could seriously harm your health.


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