June 18, 2011

Enhance the effectiveness
of your toothpaste

You probably already know how great green tea is for you. It protects you against all sorts of illnesses. And now there’s evidence that green tea may protect your teeth.

A recent dental study found that rinsing your mouth with green tea reduces the wear on your teeth.

In a controlled, crossover study researchers followed 10 volunteers. The researchers subjected the participants’ teeth to different types of abrasive or corrosive environments. One group wore only a dental appliance with corrosive material inside. Interestingly, this corrosive material was a soft drink.

The researchers subjected the second group to the corrosive material and had them brush their teeth immediately after removing the appliance. And the third group did the abrasive tooth brushing 30 minutes after erosion.

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For two five-day periods, the volunteers rinsed with green tea or water (control, 1 min) between each erosive and abrasive challenge. And they did this four times per day. Here’s what they found:

Green tea rinsing significantly reduced dentin wear, compared with the control. The authors concluded, “From the results of the present study, it may be concluded that green tea reduces the dentin wear under erosive/abrasive conditions.”

While this is a small study, it was enough to show how effective green tea is at protecting your teeth. And all you have to do is drink green tea and swish it around a bit before you swallow. This is a great way to enhance your oral hygiene with very little cost.

In an upcoming issue of Second Opinion, I’m going to show you another way to protect your teeth even more. But in the meantime, enjoy your green tea.

Ref: Oral Sci, 2009; 17(6): 560-4.

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