May 11, 2011

Osteoporosis alert: Being
overweight won’t protect you

For years, doctors have said that women who carry around a little extra weight are at a much lower risk for osteoporosis. They say that fat generates more estrogen. And they say this estrogen protects your bones. Well, a new study suggests this may not be true.

In fact, the study says extra fat may actually contribute to osteoporosis. There are several reasons why.

First, the excess estrogen comes at the expense of male hormones (androgens). Fat actually converts these much-needed hormones (yes, even in women) to estrogen.

Second, the estrogen might help bones, but it also raises your risk of cancer.

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Third, your extra fat actually makes your bones fat. And the researchers in this study said this bone marrow fat makes your bones weaker, not stronger. Belly fat lowers bone mineral density, a measure of bone strength.

And, finally, belly fat is full of inflammatory chemicals. The inflammation alone might contribute to osteoporosis and override whatever benefits the estrogen might provide. But this new research suggests inflammation causes softer bones!

This is yet another reason to be sure that your waist line is no larger than it was when you graduated high school (assuming you were of normal weight then). If you’re overweight, it’s vital you protect your bones by losing weight.

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Ref: Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL November 28-December 3, 2010.

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