April 29, 2011

Does this beverage protect your heart better than wine?

There's been a lot of press lately about wine's ability to protect your heart. I agree that wine has some heart-protective qualities. But you have to drink so much wine over many years to see the protection. I'm always looking for better ways to protect your heart. Resveratrol and Alginol are definitely good alternatives. But now a new study says a different beverage may challenge wine as the best heart-protecting drink.

As I've shown you in the past, study after study demonstrate that drinking green tea has awesome health benefits. Now a Chinese study says it can protect your heart.

In this study, Chinese doctors studied 520 consecutive patients. All of them underwent coronary angiography to determine whether they had heart disease or not. The researchers found an interesting association between green tea and heart disease. They found that men who drink green tea regularly had a 28% reduced risk of coronary disease. While they didn't observe the same protection in women, I still think it is protective for women as well.

So now you have three super-powered nutrients that can protect your heart. Green tea, resveratrol, and Alginol (from cava ecklonia seaweed) are powerful multi-ring bioflavonoids. I like these molecules more than isolated vitamins like beta-carotene or vitamin E. Extracts of whole plants are a far better way to supplement your diet. That's why I recommend these products so strongly. I've seen how protective they are.

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In my opinion, any of them can significantly reduce unwanted inflammation. They provide vascular protection, reduce the risk of cancer, and slow the accelerated aging processes from our stressful lives and marginal diets.

I drink green tea most days. I think it's superior to wine, simply because it doesn't have any of the negatives wine carries with its alcohol content. But some people don't like the taste. So a green tea capsule extract might be more convenient for you. You can find a high-quality product by following this link.

Ref: "Association Between Green Tea Intake and Coronary Artery Disease in a Chinese Population," Wang QM, Wang LS, et al, Circ J, 2009 Dec 17; [Epub ahead of print].

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