March 23, 2011

Restoring a youthful memory is
easier than you imagined

In my last health alert, I told you about an amazing nutrient that can restore your memory to youthful levels. I also told you about the amazing study showing just how effective this nutrient is. And today, I'd like to show you even more evidence of just how incredible this nutrient is for people over 50.

After the researchers looked at luteolin's impact on microglial cells, they studied adult (3-6 months old) and aged (2-year-old) mice. They fed the mice one of two diets. The first group received a control diet. And the second group ate a luteolin-enriched diet for four weeks.

The researchers evaluated spatial memory. Then they directly measured levels of inflammatory chemicals in the hippocampus of the mices' brains. The hippocampus is a brain structure related to memory. Normal "aged" mice have more inflammatory chemicals in their hippocampus. They're also more impaired than younger mice on spatial memory tests. Aged mice on luteolin, however, did better on learning tasks than controls. And simultaneously, they had levels of inflammatory chemicals in their brain similar to youthful mice.

Lead investigator Prof. Rodney Johnson said something incredible. He said the luteolin reduced inflammation while it restored working memory to youthful powers. He added that this plant chemical could get into the brain.

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Johnson's team concluded that this wonderful plant chemical can modulate inflammation in the brain and offer protection for your memory and cognitive health. They also mirrored my sentiments by saying that a healthy diet has the potential to reduce age-associated inflammation in your brain.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. A high content of Living Foods in your diet trumps everything! You just cannot get into a bottle the thousands of God-made compounds He provided for our sustenance.

That said, I concede that you might have difficulty grazing on colorful salads like I do. For that reason, supplements are quite useful.

Remember, inflammation is also at the core of Alzheimer's. Anything you can do to lower unnecessary inflammation in your brain is likely to preserve your brain health. If you can't follow the Living Foods Diet to the maximum, please consider brain-protecting supplements like luteolin and Advanced Memory Formula. They're vital for anyone over 50.

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