January 26, 2011

Two things diabetics must
know about cinnamon

Diabetes is running rampant in the U.S. In addition to fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, and a host of other problems, diabetes also makes you more susceptible to heart attack and cancer. The good news is there are many non-drug ways to prevent and treat diabetes. They are far more effective than drugs — and a lot less expensive. One of the most common is also one of the most effective.

You've probably heard that cinnamon is good for diabetics. A recent study confirmed how valuable cinnamon is if you're battling this disease. In this study, researchers evaluated 58 type-2 diabetics in London for hemoglobin A1C levels while taking two grams daily of cinnamon. Hemoglobin A1C is an accepted marker for long-term blood sugar control. The researchers found that the cinnamon significantly reduces the level. That would translate directly to less vascular and other damage from diabetes, as well as better blood sugar control.

There is one caveat to cinnamon. Cinnamon gets much of its flavor from coumarin, a natural flavoring. Unfortunately, large doses of coumarin can cause liver damage. Your liver can handle small doses without any problem. So don't take more than two grams daily — and try to spread it out through the day. A steady diet of small doses of cinnamon is perfect for preventing and treating diabetes.

If you have diabetes, why take a drug when cinnamon might do the job? If you are on a drug, eat right, add cinnamon, and if your glucose improves, you'll gradually be able to wean off the drug. Plus, there's another nutrient you must take if you want to beat diabetes. I'll tell you about it on Friday.

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